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Calling home


Anyone has experience with this? What’s the best / cheapest way to call home from your hotel?


9 more days!!!


Hi there

We just returned home from Panama on Tuesday and we had to give hotel a deposit to use room phone and we got it back when we checked out.

The rates to call home are cheeper than calling from Cuba so we just called from our room

Have a great time Panama we sure did



Hi TC,

thanks, did you call direct, thru reception, thru the operator, calling card, etc



We called from our room direct but had to go to front desk and pay a deposit.



Thanks againg TC, one more question… do you remember all the digits you dial?

our area code is 819, what would we dial before this or will reception tell us?


8 more days!!!



no srry i dont but front desk will help you



We were there two years ago. We went into the little town which is a ten minute walk down the beach. There is a small grocery store and we purchased a phone card for $5.00 US. We got almost an hour of calls home to Ottawa.


Thanks Happycouple…

Do you just give the number out over the phone or do you go to a payphone and slide it in like a credit card?


I take it you were at the Decameron??? We’ll be at the Gamboa.


Yes we were at Decameron. I don’t remember the name of the phone card but I saw it advertised at the airport. We called from our room.


I just returned back from Panama on Wednesday night. we were part of the group of 27 who had to fly home via American airlines after our Air Transat plane had the little accident. We were staying at the Decameron. We went into the fishing village to the internet cafe. There, I would buy a $3.00 phone card. It would give me aprox. 1 hour of long distance time. It is the least expensive way to go. Then I would go to the store next door and buy a Budwieser for the walk back!!! Hotel charges quite alot more.


Thanks a lot for the replies…