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Calling home

Heading to Punta Cana in February - Would like to call home (Ontario) what are my cheapest options?

we use our cell phone… it may not be the cheapest but the most convienent!

Depends on the Hotel. I usually use my cellphone for my first call home since i don’t want to be searching on how to call home and how much it will cost especially if I arrive late. It is a bit expensive but for a quick 1min call i don’t mind. Last year we stayed at the EdenH and it was very cheap. I think it was only 50 cents US a minute to call from the room.

I have never tried it but I heard you can use calling cards. Maybe someone else can shed some light on calling card use?

We’ve made arrangements with family at home to call at specific times when we will definitely be in our room. It is often cheaper to call the Dominican Republic than it is to call from there.

I`ve used calling cards. I buy them from the tour reps ( yours may not have them but will know someone who will). They vary in price, I think I paid about $10/ approx. 15 min. They work well and you can call right from your room which is nice.

Just don’t use third party billing. When we knew our flight would be late, we phoned home from a pay phone at Puerta Plata airport. We billed it to our home phone in Nova Scotia. The two minute call cost $38 Canadian. The idea of having others call you in your room at an assigned time seems to work best, as others have stated.

I am with escapewinter, that is how we do it now, we e-mail home & tell the kids when to call us in our room, it is the cheapest.