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Camaguey - g or not?

I noticed that there is not a lot written about this area. I know it’s off the beaten track, which is what I’m after. Even reviews here on Debbie’s are somewhat dated. Does anyone have recent information?

I’ve never thought of Camaguey as off the beaten track. It might not have a lot of resorts, but it’s the third largest city in the entire country and the capital of the Province…

A good overview here: http://www.cuba-junky.com/camaguey/camaguey-city-home.htm

There are many recent reviews on Tripadvisor. We are going on Thursday to the Brisas - I will post a review on here upon our return. Most of the reviews for any of the resorts in Santa Lucia/Camaguey on Tripadvisor are positive - check it out.

Thank you both to Martian and jtdl. I have researched Camaguey and I know quite a bit about its history. I did check the other forum (TA) and the reviews seem quite good. I do prefer debbies (I’m a lurker) and not too many actually talk about the area, just the resort. Thanks for the link to Cuba Junky. (To tell you the truth someone had mentioned that, but I thought he (it) was a poster on the forum.). Thanks for the advice - the link gave me more info than I had.

Homey, any Cuban guide book will have a pile of info about Camaguey too. Grab one at the library and photocopy the pertinent section…