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Camera Equipment and Airport Secruity

I tried to find an existing post for this but didn’t.

Both CATSA and TSA list “Camera Equipment” as being permitted in carry-on baggage. I’m curious as to whether a tripid is permitted.

Normally, I would put it in checked luggage but if I travel carry-on only, can I take it?

Any input would be appreciated.

I can understand your desire to travel with carry-on luggage only, but in today’s security conscious environment, I’m not sure if such a thing is possible anymore. Unless you plan to purchase all your liquid sundries at your destination (sunscreen, hand lotions, hair spray etc), it seems to me you are going to have to check something. That being the case, you might as well pack the tripod as well.
Oh, and some of the arcane weight restrictions some of the charter airlines put on carry on luggage would mean you will be traveling pretty light. 5 kg (11 lbs) doesn’t go very far …

Good points Bob.
I do travel with tripod most of the time, but I put in the check-in luggage. However I remove the ballhead (is one very expensive) and I take that in my carry-on luggage. Never had problems with that part.
In the same time I saw people taking on board carry-on objects which would qualify in my terms as weapons…

Shortly after 9/11, we met some people from the UK. Security at the airport confiscated their ball point pens. They were then asked to fill out forms on the aircraft on the way over. Go figure?

More you travel more stupid things you can see. (security)
Without trying to divert the OT but we saw on a trip to Europe a couple of years ago a fellow in a wheelchair in Winnipeg airport.
In Toronto we have to change terminals. The same person was walking beside us in the tunnel in a way we couldn’t believe it.
Maybe was hangover only?
Same trip, same flight, a woman (around 70-75) need a small help for walking. She got in the plane with an Alpine Axe (yes, pointed and like a real deadly weapon) not a walking stick. It is true was a very nice handcrafted piece , with a nice crystal ball in centre.
And in her hands was OK.
But if she wouldn’t be alone in that flight???
And than you asking , a bottle of sealed drinking water is dangerous for safety reasons what you are bringing from home…

Thanks for the responses. The question was from my better half. Going on vacation we would put it in the checked luggage, but he often tries to stick with carry-on when travelling for work…obvious reasons. We were just wondering if anyone had tried it with a tripod.

Cathi (and Drew)