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Camera found, Cayo Largo

Hola todo el mondo,

Someone on a Québec forum just announced that they found a camera when in Cayo Largo recently.
Anyone here lose one or know someone who did?
I have no further details at this time. The gent who found the camera is in Trois-Rivieres QC.

I can put a note on their Facebook page if you like.

yes please and thanks
In the meantime, I’ll try to get more info from the poster as to which area of CL, hotel name perhaps, etc.

I’ll wait for your PM.

For both posters: This is so kind of you to do for a stranger. It was even nicer of the gentleman who posted he had found the camera. A lot of people would have said, “loosers weepers - finders keeper”. Hope the owner gets it back. You done a good thing today!!

PAY IT FORWARD, that’s what I say!

The poster says “it was found at the Sol Pelicano hotel”

p.s. I believe the poster is unilingual francophone, so I can serve as intermediary if need be.

Here is a photo from the memory card:

[attachment id=“373” thumbnail=“1”]

Listed on the Facebook page for Sol Pelicano

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, it is indeed their camera. I’ve pm’d the OP who hopefully will be able to contact them via the CL website.
Thanks Spunky!
All in a day’s work, wot? Us superheros must remain sharp at all times… :smiley:

FALSE ALARM, the person who posted the photo on the Cayo Largo forum was the one who FOUND the camera not LOST the camera, so we are still looking…

I clicked like as I thought that it was very fast :slight_smile: hope camera finds its owner!

this begs the post as a reminder…for all to as their 1st picture on all cards to be a phone # that in the event of loss the camera…or at least the card can be returned to. And while it would not hurt to have inside your camera an address… best if it is not a home address…because now, if not honourable they have your camera and know where someone is not at home…use an office address, or parent or cousin… who are not travelling with you.

p.s. good for all the kind folk trying to help this family out!

Do hope the camera is returned to it’s rightful owner.

Our grandson last year at Husa, Cayo Santa Maria, either left his camera in the lobby or dropped it while we were walking to our rooms (a vehicle came up behind him and scared him which resulted in him running off the path) - the first day there. As soon as we realized it was missing we went right back to the lobby to see if it was turned in. Nope. Went a few times through out the week - no luck. His camera was in a bag with the battery charger. Posted it on another forum, but no luck.

I hope we have better luck this time around and I just labelled my camera and I-pad thanks to Canucks

Have to count on the honesty of people. And they are out there. Unfortunately not in our case.

Hello everyone! The person who found the camera is a friend of mine, she lives in Quebec City and she is bilingual, so you can communicate with her in English. There is a post on the Cayo Largo forum: http://cayolargo.forumscuba.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10984

The family indeed stayed at the Pelicano, and they might be from Eastern Europe, as there is a picture in their camera from Election Day in Slovakia from March 2014.

As of last night, they had not yet been found, but the post was shared almost 35,000 times on Facebook! Global community indeed!

The power of technology. That’s wonderful about the Facebook shares. Nice to see all the honest people out there.