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Can I put a Deposit at YourTravelTickets.com


Can I call Your Travel Tickets.com and book my vacation without paying in full? I’d like to put a deposit right now and pay before?


Most of the discount travel places require that you pay in full up front. We booked thru YTT.com at the end of October for travel at the end of January & had to pay in full right away!!


With some travel agencies it has to do with how far in advance you book your trip. We have always had to pay in full but we usually don’t book any earlier than 2 mos prior to departure. I do agree w/ Writfiler, online discount companies make you pay in full.


Online bookings you will pay in full, but if you call them and do it over the phone, they will take a deposit on a credit card and the balance will be automatically done on the due date.
A lot depends on how far in advance you are booking also.


YTT is firm on their policy of requiring payment in full at the time of booking, even if you’re booking 6+ months in advance.

Upon request (they won’t offer it to you otherwise), I’ve been able to pay a $250 deposit per person with both Selloffvacations and itravel2000.


If you are booking over the phone with a rep and traveling within 60 days of booking then you have to pay in full. If you are booking like 6mths in advance then you pay a depoist of $250 plus insurance (if you are taking it) and then the balance is due 60 to 45 days before departure. If you are booking on line then yes you have to pay in full no matter when you book…


we are going may 20


The deposit has nothing to do with the agent (i.e. selloff) and everything to do with the tour operator.

Different operators require different amounts, and the balance due at different times. For example I think air transat requires a 250 deposit while Sunwing is 150. Some require full pymt within 60 days of departure, while others are 45.

You can give a deposit with selloff over the phone, but it sometimes depends on the package, some packages are discounted based on you paying in full while others are not. They will tell you when you call.


We booked by phone on July 1st with BelAir Travel for travel January 4 to 18/07…paid by cc deposit of $250ea, balance was due November 6th. E-documents were faxed to us December 22/06.

We fly tomorrow!


We booked in August, paid $500 deposit the rest was put on MC 45 days before the trip.


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