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Can I text message home

Are we able to text home from DR? I did while in Cuba for 15cents 2 yrs ago. I am with Bell Mobility

I would try bell’s website as to coverage outside of our own country.
Go to bell.ca and chose mobile and look on the left hand side for Coverage and Travelm option
Hope this helps

Yes you can…was $.50 per text a few years ago. I think it has gone up though…call Bell and ask how much international texting cost.

edit: the web site has 25 cents posted…looky looky.

Probably just cheaper for me to email home. Ridiculous what they charge. Will call Bell to be sure on pricing but internet cafe might be the better way.

ladybug, last yr we did it this way… I can receive all texts for free, so my family all sent me messages for the day and then i would go to the internet and send a reply out to them instead of relpying to each text.
that way u only have to write one reply a day and send to everyone at once, if i do that with my text it cost to each # i send to even tho its one message sent.
hope this helps…

Wow!!! That’s a great idea, thanks
I will do just that.

Check the Bell site…not free to receive any more

Back to the internet cafe! Nothing seems to come free anymore.

I checked their site and it doesn’t look like you can text with a Bell phone unless it is a GSM phone and only these phones, BlackBerry 8830, Samsung Ace or Motorola A840.
CDMA devices will only work in these countries, Bermuda, China, Israel, Mexico and New Zealand.
Hope this helps.

Wow!!! Nice to see such eager, informative “posters”

Yeah I checked with Bell as well and they told me that you can receive texts from anywhere in Canada free, (if you have the unlimted texting), but in the US, you can receive free, but to send a text it will cost you the price of the text and roaming charge (that stinks) and that it would be better to not use my cell while in the DR. So I would do like others and email or tell them to phone me at a certain time at the resort.