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Can Jet

Anyone flown with Can Jet, Toronto to Puerto Plata this year. They have new planes for the charter flights hows the seating? More room then Air Transat, which seats to book for quick exit, Do they serve a meal any info would be great thanks.

I am also flying with Can Jet, I was wondering if they have movies?

I flew with Canjet out of Halifax to POP last month. The seats are typically small. I hear Air Transit has more room. I’m flying with them in march. Canjet serves the sandwich ,salad,cookie combo. There is a movie played. Small screens drop down from the ceiling every few seats. I think the headphones cost $3.00 but i’m not sure.

Found that their website has a lot of info - pertty much confirms people’s responses. Can get info on carry on sizes, luggage weight, seat selection, etc. too.


The topic seems pretty general, so I’m moving the thread to QQQ.