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Can we bring beer back?



Is it a good idea to bring beer back home? Will the bottles pop open with pressure?




If you like the DR beer then bring some home with you. You are allowed 24x355 millilitres(12oz) cans or bottles to a max. of 8.5 litres of beer. many members in DDTF bring home beer without any problems :sunglasses:


I brought home eight “green guys” last week with no problems. They were well packed and besides the fact that it looked like the suitcase was dragged behind the plane, they arrived intact.


Don also brought back Presidente last month without any problems… had them wrapped in plastic and then rolled in clothing in the luggage.

Also, they sell the giant bottles at the duty free in the airport which you can put in your carry-on and bring back.


Just remember if you bring back beer,do not buy beer that has already been refridgerated it will be skunky by the time it gets to room temp and when you go to recool it…


I’ve always bought mine from the cooler at the supermercado, and never had any problems. Now if it froze, that would be a different story.


Bought 2 bottles in the airport in POP. Thought we would have time to drink them there but ended up putting them in my purse and brought them home. Gone immediately upon arriving home!


Time to blow away your expired trip countdown ticker … ;D


Bob, not sure how to do that. I think Bryan set that up for me. May have to wait for the computer kid to arrive back home to take care of it. It is a sad reminder of been there done that! Next year perhaps Thailand! Unless I win the lottery and can do both. Guess I should buy a ticket!


Did it for you.


BTW, Bob - did you see the new Presidente bottles? Don brought 2 back for souvineres… they have a “cover” on them - one has a bat and the other has a baseball. There is a 3rd with a glove on it but we couldn’t find it…


That does not include hard stuff and liquor correct? Since my friends also want rhum. Did you see banana rhum?




Did notice the covers, but was too busy emptying it (the bottle) to notice the pattern(s). ::slight_smile: