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Can we still get extra baggage allowance from airlines


I am leading a mission trip with our churches youth group in November. We will be going to Puerto Plata and will be doing some community and outreach programs including Mustard Seed, Nazareth house, and a feed a village program. We have many donations to bring with us and I am wondering if airlines are still willing to give extra baggage allowance and if so what is the best way to go about getting it.


We have brought donations for the last several years, Air Transat has given us 20 kg each for the last 3 or 4 years.


sass2 - please PM me with information as to names on travel documents, departing airport, airline, travel dates… I can send you a letter on behalf of Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation which you can forward to the airline to see if they will allow excess baggage.

Westjet does allow one extra bag for humanitarian purposes but, they need to know in advance so they can plan for the extra weight.

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation


thanks dot, i will send you a pm.


Sass - I’ve replied to your PM…


Just called Westjet for a weight allowance for October and they don’t require a letter. They put it on your file, and hope the flight isn’t overweight from other passengers luggage. If that is the case, you have to pay for the extra luggage.


barriebrian… that is why we fly WestJet - they are so good with humanitarian goods allowance. We will be going down with them on Jan. 11.

Unfortunately, sass2 is not flying them. I’ve sent her a letter so, fingers crossed that they allow her request.


Does anyone have the email address for Sunwing so I can send the extra baggage allowance letter. I have the fax number for Toronto head office if I can’t get an email address.


It looks to me like they’re using a contact form on their site, in lieu of direct email. They allow 1000 characters and ask for ‘your’ email address. Why not try that? And when they respond to your query, you should be able to just reply.


thanks Bob I should have thought of that.


No problem. I know they used to have a ‘direct’ email address because I’ve used it.
Let us know how things work out.

Actually, I found the email address I used. It may no longer be valid, but I’ll send it to you by PM.