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Can you use your cell phone in Cuba?

Hi all, first just want to say thank you for all the posts, very informative, going to Cuba for the first time late February and reading all these posts has been great!

Does anyone know if you can use your cell phone in Cuba? Is there any reception? And what is the best way to call out of Cuba, hotel room phone or are there phone cards that you can buy?


Cell phone info here:


Calling Cards are available in Cuba. They cost 2 CUC per minute to call Canada.

If you want to use your cell phone, call your provider or look it up online at your provider’s site. I can use my Rogers blackberry in Varadero, but in outlying places like Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria, I can’t get reception, although European guests did (I am CDN). When I did get reception it was on Cubacel’s network.

Thank you both!

hi got full reception on my bell solo sitting in the holguin airport. i was just checking it out to see if it worked but never made the call cuz i figured i pay a furtune in roaming charges.lol

My blackberry (Rogers) worked fine in Varadero. I didn’t call home but I heard it was $4/min. I sent text messages fine but they cost .60 each however receiving was free.