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Canada Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals

Canada Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals

Has anyone heard of this group? Know anything about it?

I have never heard of this group. By reading some of the information posted in the link, it sounds like they are a middle man, so to speak, that can hook travelers to Cuba up with different events, etc…

I am going to look into it further and see if I can get any other information on these folks.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

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Does anyone have any info on this group? First-hand or otherwise?

If did contact this group via an email and asked for information in general about them as well as travel information to Cuba.

In my reply from them they simply asked me what sports I would be interested in when I arrived in Cuba. They said once I answered that question they would send me sports information. I did not recontact them.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

I’ve never heard of them. (Not that that means anything.)

They make some interesting claims on their website. If you were thinking of doing business with them I’d suggest contacting some of their past clients. The list is extensive.

I had shown my daughter (17 yrs old) this web site and the information about …Canada Cuba Sports Festivals…she is a soccer fanatic, both minor soccer and school soccer, my daughter had shared this info with her school soccer coach which the coach found interesting. Just today my daughter recieved the CD and information package from this organization, and will be taking it to school tomorrow. I had checked the CD and info out , lots of reading, lots of names of people, organizations and contact numbers of groups etc that have taken part in this program that can be checked into, and no doubt the teacher and school board would do there research before ever considering such a adventure. Will keep you informed with what we find out.