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Canada Direct phone calls?



Sorry, I tried seach function and couldn’t find the info. I read the instructions are get an outside line, dial 1-800-333-0111 but after that? Will I need a country code? Approximately how much will the calls cost, say for a five minute call? Are there cheaper, better ways?

Two days to go to PC Bahia Principe, probably 5 more questions as mild panic sets in.



You have the right access number, but you do need a calling card from one of their approved providers, Bell for example. What you do next depends if you are calling the number on your calling card, or another number. The rate charged depends on your provider and your long distance rate plan. Google Canada Direct and you can find all the details on their web site.


Check out your long distance provider and they should have detailed instructions on their website. My provider is Telus and I printed out their instructions to take with me . You will save money if you use a calling card.