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Canadian alcohol tax when exceeding personal limit


Is it worth to pay extra for 6 bottles of Havana 7and how much the rate for fed & provincal taxes. Any members have experience with Cdn custom. Please share


Go ahead and bring it home - you declare 3 and have your wife declare 3, it’s only a bit over the limit. Worst case scenario you pay about 20 bucks in duty. It’s still cheaper than buying it in Canada!

As long as you are honest and tell the exact amount, you should not have a problem with customs.


a lot of time if your just over they waive you through, it’s not worth their time and effort, but not if they catch you being dishonest


we have been bringing 6 bottles of rum most trips…never a problem always declare…


Whether it’s worth paying the taxes/duty on extra bottles depends on you. Always be honest! Often they wave you through but we have had to pay the duty/taxes on the ONE extra bottle. Try not to use the automated customs kiosk!

The duty amount isn’t so bad. It’s the provincial mark up fee that’s the killer! We live in British Columbia so this amount will vary by province.

Our bottle was valued at $38.00 and was .820 litres excessive (beyond the allowable 1.14 litres). Rate of duty was 11.696 (=$3.84) plus GST amount (=$5.02) and provincial mark-up fee which was $32.80. The grand total extra fees we had to pay on the $38.00 bottle was $41.66. This amount exceeded the actual initial value of the bottle!

This was in 2011, so the rates may have changed.


Never, ever lie to anyone at Canada Customs. Ever…
You may get away a few times but …When you get caught …
You will be put in the system and get super checked from now to eternity. :’(

3X700ml each, is accepted :wink: and we always have a few Cristals that we claim and never have a problem, at least these past few years.

If you are a smuggler, skip the above. We’ve walked past your luggage all over the floor ??? and have seen the booze in the trash. Have seen you begging to get to your connecting flight and watched you go to the “Little” room. :o
As YVRck says, a $38 bottle turns into a $41 bottle pretty quick and that’s how we fund Medicare. :slight_smile:
Welcome to Canada!!


As YVRck says, a $38 bottle turns into a $41 bottle pretty quick and that’s how we fund Medicare. [/quote]

…and politicians’ and civil servants’ pensions ;D

Guess I wasn’t specific enough in my explanation. I’m sure Spunky can do simple addition.

That $38 bottle turned into a $79.00 bottle once Canada customs lightened my wallet! Only worth paying the fees if it’s a bottle of something really special that you absolutely can’t buy in Canada. Various Havana Club rums are available at our liquor stores.


The duty fee is $1/oz of liquor - I live near the US border and I’m quite familiar with the duty fees :slight_smile:


So you’re saying that if I buy a $100 bottle of rum in Cuba that’s worth $200 in Canada the duty will only be about $26?


So the limit is 1.14 per person correct? As a solo traveler, I could try and bring back 2 of the 750 ml and prob be ok if I let them know up front and honest. And even duty on that would be very little I am guessing.

I know I traveled with a partner before and brought back 3 750mls bottles between us with no issues(was a special at the duty free shop at the airport), but don’t think I would try that myself.

And yes, the SIN tax on booze and cigs defn helps float our bloated government and health care and transfer payments and and and…don’t get me going…lol


When you put it that way it doesn’t seem bad - but when you are spending $5/bottle $26 duty is a lot of $ :slight_smile: You also may be required to pay tax on it (13% in Ontario)

Keep in mind also that this is for Ontario and the duty/tax rates in each province are different for alcohol.


The rates seem to be widely different, depending on which province you are in. For example, in Alberta, the total of federal duty plus provincial fees, is $7.30 per 750 ml bottle of spirits. GST is assessed on top of that. (I think the GST is based on the total of original value plus duty.) What this has meant is that a bottle of rum costing, say $10 in Cuba would come out to somewhere around $18 total. A savings of nearly $20 compared to what it would cost you in the liquor store in Calgary.


I’ll send a note to CRA to see what they say. Looks like there’s a bit of difference depending on the coast.


Because I buy whatever you cannot buy in Canada, on the rare occasion I am asked to pay duty (after truthfully declaring my amount), it still seems worth it to me, since it is something I cannot buy here. You know those 3 CUC bottles of liqueur? I paid about 7 dollars duty per bottle if memory serves, and I was fine with that, because i don’t know anywhere else you can buy liqueurs for about ten or twelve dollars.

I have a nice selection of Cubay liqueurs, Cafe, Coconut, Cocoa, Triple Sec, Marasquin, Menta, Pina and Banana. Mmmmm.


Let us know Spunky what the answer back is. I would be willing to declare and pay duty as long as it was still a deal.

I believe the havana club here for the 750ml runs around $30, and I think its about $5 in Cuba.(Could be off by a few dollars on either price)

If duty is even 10 or 15 on each bottle, still a good deal and would be nice to have a little collection of some really good rums from Cuba.

If it is $1/oz like a previous posted stated, not worth it on the basic rums.


I have the 75 CUC Mulata 15 yr in the black display box - I usually buy one really swanky bottle if not two. Those are the ones I would claim as my allotment, and any extra bottle is what you pay duty on. This has been my experience; YMMV.