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Canadian Debit Cards work in DR ATM's

Can you tell me if my Debit card will work in the ATM at Majestic Colonial? What type of fees has your bank charged?

I suspect the answer is yes, but …
You might identify what debit card and bank. That question is a mite too generic.

My Royal Bank Canadian debit card worked at the ATM cash machines Bahia Principe Punta Cana last Feb.
No issues. received the current exchange rate offered by RBC for CDN dollars to Dominican Pesos.

Thanks rgm, my bank cards are Credit Union and CIBC but I suspect CU card will not work. I think my husband uses a President’s Choice card. Does that help, BFC?

I have a credit union debit card and have never had a problem in the DR with it. That being said, I dont know for sure if ALL credit union cards work, but like I said, I have never had a problem with mine. ( Libro credit union)

Oh yeah, they charged me $3 per use in the DR as a service fee

That’s one of the reasons I always take cash. A $3 service fee for a small transaction is a lot. Even if you are just getting cash, ATMs only dole out pesos and the standard advice is to only get as many pesos as required. It’s next to impossible to change pesos back to $US or $CDN. I did see one “opportunity” at the airport, but the rate offered was scandalous. I seem to recall it was about 45 pesos for a dollar. The rate at that time was 33, so anyone trading at that rate would have to be desperate…

edit: gemgirlbarbara. Yes, that does help. Now our posters know precisely what they are answering.

I would not take the chance with a debit card - and not just in the DR. Debit card “skimming” is a real problem in Canada and to risk having your card compromised, then blocked by your bank, and being left without access to cash is too big a risk IMHO.

My advice would be to take cash; and a credit card for back up (especially if you have one with the new chip technology).