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Canadian Dollar Up - Si!

There are many reasons but one is the export price for B.C. seafood to China. My youngest Canadian son is now fishing spot prawns at a record price of Ca. $ 16.00 / pound. His catch is + - 750 pounds a day. Still believe Air Canada should be flying direct to Cuba from western Canada.

UJust did a check on salmon prices in Alaska - WOW !!! Those Cuban A. I. resorts that have smoked salmon are going to have to raise their prices - Si !!!
Read these prices :::

I dont understand this post…canadian dollar is up…but then we are talking about sending seafood to CHina, and someone’s son making lots of money fishing???

The something about Air Canada not flying to Cuba from Western Canada

Then Salmon prices in the Alaska, so Cuba resorts have to raise prices?!!!

I am lost, this post makes no sense, seems to be all over the place?

Canadian Dollar is actually DOWN, and going further down they expect this summer according to all the economists…

The invisible links are the key, LOL

When the Chinese buy Canadian product they need Canadian $$$ so the dollar goes up. Top resorts have smoked salmopn and this year it is going to cost more. Economics 101 - Si !!!