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Canadian Tourist death in Varadero



Details are sketchy at this point.


Lifeguard/Good Samaritan also died while attempting rescue. Man was from Montreal.


There was one in Cayo Santa Maria last week. I think there have been a lot of red flags due to the weather. Some people don’t understand the risks. I have to say though that most Cuban resorts I have been to have red flags that are not easy to spot due to bad location or so old, they look like rags. Not an excuse, just an observation.
We were in Cayo Coco for a week mid-Jan and even on one day with a green flag, there were very few in the water due to waves and wind.


didn’t even see a flag at Ensanachos last week, and I looked for one


Apparently the Cuban who drowned was a good samaritan. Said on the news that 3 lifeguards could not reach him.


I haven’t had time to follow this more closely and it will take a while for the full details to be available, but it would seem that a good samaritan died needlessly because a tourist was perhaps foolish and careless. How sad!


This from rosiart on another forum:

Should be required reading.


Thanks for the link. I sorta knew but a very good article. I wish more people knew this.


Thanks, Spunky, for the link. I’d read about this before but it’s always good to get a reminder about drowning. No matter the circumstances, drowning is an all too common but no less tragic an occurrence.