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Canadians getting married in dominican

hi, i’m new to this forum…i am getting married at the grand palladium bavaro on Jan 31/09. I have just started my ‘planning’ for the wedding. I am trying to sort out the documentation needed. I have been in contact w/wedding coordinator at hotel. I was told i need to have birth certificate, single status, passports,…the birth certificate and single status have to be translated and notarized (authenticated) at domincan consolate of canada. I was thinking of going through WEDO but, i have contacted an immigration lawyer in my town that does translations and notary on these documents. It is really cheap compared to WEDO…am i missing something??? Would love some info and any advice would be great in general. looking forward to getting lots of tips on this site!

iam not sure how that works but i believe if he is certified then its okay. call the dr consulate

Lisa, Congrats to you! I also sent you a private email with all the information for my wedding there on 5/17. You couldn’t have found a better place than here to look for information. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Welcome to the board!
I have a translated Declaration of Single Status in Spanish. All I did was have it notarized by a public notary that spoke spanish and took it to the consulates office for legalization. But I’m not sure if you Cannucks :wink: have notary publics in Canada. I didn’t have my Birth certificate translated but they did legalize it at the consulate’s office. Just make sure that you send everything to Carolina beforehand so that you don’t run into any problems like we did. We faxed her all of our documents and she said that we needed the single status translated but when we went to the consulates office he told us that it was not necessary. We called Carolina and explained our situation and she assured us that it MUST be translated in order for a civil wedding to take place. So we had it translated and legalized a month before the wedding! We faxed it to her to make sure it was what they wanted and she ok’d everything.

All that I can tell you is that it can cost upwards on $1200 to legalize your marriage in the D.R. and to have it done properly. On top of the price of the trip, I was not willing to do this. I would rather put my money elsewhere… considering that most of the wedding was free at the resort we stayed at.
I HIGHLY recommend getting married in Canada FIRST and having a Symbolic Ceremony in the D.R. It’s totally 100% the same wedding, just not legal. If you have a legal ceremony in the D.R. it can take months to receive your certificate, and until then, you cannot change your name in Canada, or do anything that requires your marriage certificate. None of my family even knew about our ‘quick’ wedding the night before we left, with a minister and 2 provided witnesses, they thought, and always will that our wedding was the legal ceremony. ha ha ha
We wore jeans and didn’t exchange rings, and just had to basically say 4 lines, and sign the book and DONE!
Forever in our minds and hearts we will always have been married on May 21, 2008 in the Dominican Republic.
Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa,

Contact Canadian Embassy or Consulate near you area, for both of you legalize and translation is total $360. Here are the info I got from Canadian Embassy.

$40 for translate document per document
$100 for legalize per document

$40 x 4 to translate birth certificate and single status. total $160
$ 100 x 2 legalize two single status total $ 200
so all cost $360.

I will be getting married also in DR on December 2008.

Good luck and congratulation

beach bum when i got married in 2007 you needed all the docs translated into spanish, including b.c. … and as long as the person doing the translation is certified you will be okay, but talk to the embassy to make sure nothing has changed. i did it through wedo and if you were never married before it will only cost $250 USD for everything. it only takes a week to get.

I’m also having a quick Legal ceremony here in Canada before we leave. It just seemed like way less of a headache to do it this way. Plus one of my best friends will not be able to come with us to punta cana so we’re having her as one of our witnesses in our secret ceremony so she was thrilled to still be able to be a part of our wedding.

I think we might exchange ring pops for laughs :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you !!!
We also had a very quick ceremony at home first before we left ,
but had a fantastic ceremony in the DR a couple of days later.
We know a couple who had a legal ceremony while there, but it turned into a legal nightmare for them as far as getting documents translated and also receiving the proper documents from the DR after they got home.
I’m not telling this to you to scare you and this might have been an isolated incident, but it caused them alot of grief.
I wish nothing but the best for you and your upcoming wedding.
Just relax and have a wonderful time !!!

I would try WE DO. They will handle translations and consular legalizations and their fees are around US$300.00. Why go to a beautiful place for a fake ceremony? Ours was beautiful and everything was handled perfectly. If a trusted company can do it for you at a very reasonable fee, go for it!

Hey all, this site is great. I too am planning a DR wedding.
But I’m not sure what you mean by having a quick ceremony at home, then doing it again in DR. Does that mean you still pay all the fees, etc associated with the DR wedding (translation of documents, etc)?
If not, how do you get the judge to appear at your “ceremony”?
I like the idea of a quick ceremony at home first, but just not clear on the logistics.


we used wedo too… and they were great. if you were never been married it will be around $300.00. it was cheaper then getting them down at the consulate in toronto.

We also used WEDO and had no trouble at all and it was much cheaper! We sent the documents Monday and they were back by Friday!

I am new to this website. My fiance and i are getting married at the riu Bachata in Puerto Plata on january 16, 2009. I am looking at going threw WEDO for our translations but im real nervous about them not being legal or having problems when we get to the Riu Bachata. It would sure suck to spend all this money to not be legally married or have problems getting married because WEDo was not a good place to go…Any Suggestions

My niece is getting married at the NH Real Arena (formerly EdenH) in January.

She is sending her documents directly to the Dominican Republic, here in Ottawa. It will cost her $320 US and turn-around time is approximately one week.

She contacted the Dominican Republic Services in Toronto on Steeles Ave. who told her it would cost $700! She said no thanks and is now dealing with the Embassy directly.

Hi there, I will be getting married down the beach from you on the 5th of February at the Catalonia Bavaro. I am stressing a little about the document side of things to. I was really just wanting to know if you each have to do the single status dec. or do you do it together. I think I have found my answer here. We both do it!.
I have a link for the Canadian Consulate. I will PM you with the information.
Good luck.

Hi, I am planning to get married in Feb/2009 and was wondering if anyone had any contact info for a Justice of the Peace in La Vega?

[quote=@kathy2127]Hi, I am planning to get married in Feb/2009 and was wondering if anyone had any contact info for a Justice of the Peace in La Vega?

I hope you have checked everything out and have all your papers in order and translated, if not Feb 2009 is too close to get them done.