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Canjet flight has changed again

If your already aware of this, disregard, otherwise it seems that people who are flying to Santa Clara on Feb. 7th should double check their flight time.

Originally we were on Air Transat leaving at 5:30pm, then it was changed to Canjet Flight#C6994 leaving at 7:25am. (this change I received an email confirmation)

Now, I have been informed (and confirmed for myself) that it has changed to departure time 6:10am on flight #982.

No probs for us, means we get there sooner but it will be a wonderful surprise to those who don’t know about it!! :o :o
Good luck!!


Thanks for the update. I am not on that flight but one thing I never do is call ahead and check the flight times to make sure the departure time has stayed the same.

This is a good heads up for me so In the future I will call and double check the time just in case something has changed.

Have a great vacation. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…