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Canjet question

Have you ever flown with Canjet? If so…what was your experience like? Just your typical charter airline or was it something different??

I have flown with them a couple of times. Pretty basic, but very good cabin crew. No meals as such, just a “snack”, but that said, their snack was better that the so called meals on most flights. No movie or the means to show one on the flights I was on. 737 aircraft, if I recall.

Some people aren’t very happy with them… lots of different opinions here…




Hey thanks for your quick responses…I am finally a member of the " we’re sorry but your flight has been changed club." :o

Started with Air Transat and now slotted to fly with Canjet do to cancellation of some sort…first time with them.

No worries…there’s always a first right?? :sunglasses:

AHHHHH…8 more sleeps… ;D

wow…from what I read on here a lot of flights seem to be getting changed this year!!

Better not be mine! But it’s SkyService, though, so maybe we’ll get lucky.

Flew to Santiago with them on Dec 28… do the greatest but not the worse to fly with either… Staff were very pleasent.

delicateflowerer, lucky with skyservice? If you are, then you better buy a lottery ticket.

Sorry, just had to vent. Things did not go smoothly with this airline for me.

Canjet, Air Transat, Sky Service, Cubana, Air Canada … It doesn’t matter which airline …

If your headed to Cuba … Everythings great …
To be heading to Cuba … I’ll put up with everything … even that screaming kid who has been kicking the back of my seat for the last 2 hours …


Oh man…the screaming baby issue…don’t get me wrong, I think kids are great but we had that on a flight to England a couple of years ago.

The baby was a few rows over from us but wow…probably 7 hours of consistent, intermittent crying…wow!! I couldn’t turn the sound up on my head phones any higher to help drown it out. I do realize that you can’t tell babies about pressure changes, etc. but it’s amazing how some kids can either sleep, sit there quietly and play or spread out their crying episodes. :’( :slight_smile: :’( :slight_smile: :’(

Not with this baby, it was full throttle the whole way…a funny memory now, but you could really see the frustration on the rest of the passengers, crew and even the babies poor parents too!!

We took our daughter (4 months old) to Jamaica with us 8 years ago. I spent the last hour of the flight down standing and walking with her. She did nothing but smile and gurgle at people. ;D

On the way home she fell asleep in my arms as we walked across the tarmac toward the plane. Hubby and I were seated across the aisle from each other, and my seat mates were an elderly couple. When I boarded holding my daughter, they looked at me, and I could see their faces fall, as they had to be thinking, “OH NO!!! Not a baby!”

Well, I sat down, and she kept sleeping. During takeoff I held her in the mandatory “burp” position and she kept sleeping. During the meal service, hubby held her while I ate, then once the tray was cleared, I laid her on her belly on my tray table, and held her feet up, so she was bent at the knees.

About an hour later, I asked the gentleman next to me if I could borrow a couple of inches of his tray table. He said yes, so I was able to straighten her legs out. She slept all the way.

Once in Toronto, and after deplaning, I took her to the restroom and changed her into warmer clothes for the 2 hour drive home. She still slept.

Little angel woke up the next morning, at home, in her own crib. Not a clue!

And the whole week we were in Jamaica, she did nothing but lay nekkid in the shade and smile! People made a point of telling us what a sweetie she was.

Now, THAT’s a perfect plane ride with an infant. Too bad that’s not always the way, but I am very proud to be able to tell that story. ;D

Ok. Now back to your regularly scheduled topic…
Sorry 'bout the hijack. ;D

DelicateFlower, that’s exactly the way I like to travel as well… :wink:

I only WISH I could sleep the travel part away like that!

(Hijacking this thread again…

When I flew to Europe with my then 7 month old son, my story was very similar to delicateflower. Baby slept through since take off to landing. I was lucky enough to have one of those bulkhead seats with a cot, so he slept in there and not in my arms. As I was flying alone, it would have been difficult without it.

However, recently returning from Cuba with lots of delays, including sitting on the tarmac for over an hour at 9pm, plus a second stop in Holguin and again sitting on the tarmac for 1/2 hour, I have to say I had the two brattiest kids you would not want to encounter on your plane. ;D :’(. :oI was at my wits end of what to do with them to calm them down and quiet them down.
I would normally be appalled at how can a parent let their kid act like mine, and would deny it to my death that mine can be capable of it. Never say never.

When we got home I swore I was not taking them anywhere on vacation for at least 5 years. >:( Well, the terror of that flight has now worn off, and I will take them in the next year or so. I just hope that what we went through with them on that flight will not hit us again.

So I apologize to any passengers who had their pleasant flight disrupted by my two monsters. ;D

Hey all,
I got kicked all the way from TO to the Ohio Valley by a little bugger who’s mom was busy elsewhere. Had a chat with her and he stopped for about 40 seconds. Had another chat and he didn’t stop. Talked with the attendant and got the very best service but no stop to the kicking.
Finally spoke with the mother who decided she didn’t want her clothes and hair ruined by a flyaway Cola, and had an uneventful flight after that.
I’m not sure what the airline policy is about that.
Sure worked for me.

Since this thread seems to have morphed into a rant about poorly behaved children on aircraft, I will add my own 2 cents. One flight I was on, the 3 or 4 year old child across the aisle spent much of the trip standing on her seat staring at the people behind her. The mother made a couple of ineffective attempts to get her to sit down, but the behavior continued. I think had I been the person sitting behind this child I would have made an attempt to rectify the situation. Apart from anything else, the child was at risk had we hit clear air turbulence…and I bet that mom would be the first to sue the airline if her little darling had bounced off the ceiling and been injured or killed. Flight attendants walk a fine line with these “little darlings”, but I think they need to be a bit more assertive!

Back on track
Was on Canjet yesterday
Their new planes 737 are lease returns from http://www.tuifly.com/en/index.html
Still have Germany writing instead of French
Movies work on the plane down but not on the flight home
Coffee machines not working yet
Had screaming kid beside me ( or behind me, parent did not pre book)on way home
They had try to take our seats in row 1 ( more leg room) because he had a 2 year old on his knee
It was funny to hear the mom complain about not getting a good tan because they had to get into the shade because of the little one, and how they had no night life because they had be in the room early with the baby

Flew Canjet last year we call it Can’t Jet!!! Prebooked and prepaid for exit row seats and when we boarded some one was in our seats… They had changed planes and seat 15 was no longer the exit seat. Mentioned this to the stewardess whose reply was oh well not our faults!!! When all she had to do was ask the couple in our seats to change as we had prebooked. Had to detour to Nassau for fueling and when we were returning our flight was 7 hrs late and we were at the airport for 7 hrs. And were told there was no beer on board!!! Would I ever fly them again…Not unless I was stranded!!!We did get our seat money back after being very firm with them!