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Canjet/Transat Carry on Luggage Size

Today The Bay has one day luggage 75% off . I went look for a carry on with 20in long as required by Canjet/Transat instead of 21.5in with the other airlines. I have four 21.5in long carry on luggage at home but do not want to look stupid at the Canjet/Transat ticket counter. Did you ever to be asked to put your carry on in the metal fixture or metal box?

The one I like is $160.00 after sale only 40% off so I decide to use my gym bag which is much smaller.

CanJet used the same dimensions as Air Canada when we used them. They were pretty tight on the overall size so I’d leave some room to squish it through the “Box” at checkin.

We always take a gym bag as it is “squishable”, if necessary and doesn’t weigh as much as a regular carryon. This is important if you are flying Sunwing.

I have a 21" carry-on that was denied. The check-in clerk asked me to put it in the wire bin and the wheels were half an inch too long. I always check with the airline’s site after that. Each airline is different and sometimes, flights to the Caribbean will be different from flights to Europe within the same airline. It’s spelled out on the site. PITA.
I really like a carry-on with wheels and backpack straps, then I can roll it, carry it or strap it to my back for walking around cities. Tried gym bags, just not my thing.

Also keep in mind that there is sometimes not enough space in overhead bins if everyone has carry-ons. I was on a flight that ran out of space and a guy was trying to start a fist fight over having to put his carry-on under the seat in front of him. I thought we might not get off the ground. Flying is not for everyone.

I always assume my carry-on will go under the seat in front of me (and I always put it there) so I’ve started used a soft backpack. Just doing the math, if everyone got on wheeling their 20 or 21 inch hard sided carry-on they would definitely run out of space in the overheads. What happens then? I think it used to be a requirement for carry-ons that they had to fit under the seat in front of you.

That is exactly the problem … plus more. I was on a few flights through the US recently (something I try to avoid) and there were many passengers carrying way more than their maximum allotment of luggage. I saw one woman with 3 large bags walking onto the plane. If airlines kept everyone to the stated maximums, we would all have more room and be safer.

It is still a requirement that your carry on will go under the seat in front of you. I’ve always made sure our two carry ons meet the airline of choice’s luggage requirements even though it leads to arguments with my husband. He’s way to casual about the whole thing than I’m willing to be. I do not want to run the risk of having a bag refused so I’ve measured them ad nauseam. For years I’ve used a hard sided carry on and hubby uses a wheeled backpack. For the upcoming trip, I’m switching to a soft Lug backpack. Like Dax mentioned, some of the stuff people walk on board with makes my head spin and, yeah, ticks me off. I fret the hell out of my bag weights and size and people wander on with way over sized bags and multiple bags :-X  I have been on flights where the overhead bins were full and attendants were looking for places to put bags.  Personally, I think bags (legal size & weight)  should go in the bins first and, if room after everyone has placed their bags, then coats, hats, etc. can go into the bins.  It’s easier to shove a jacket under the seat than a bag!  We fly Club Class and you would think you wouldn’t have issues with overhead bin space due to only 12 passengers in this section.  We were on 1 flight and the bins over the first two rows, one side of the plane, were  taken up by Air Transat stuff.  We were in one of those rows so, after that, I made sure not to select those seats on future flights.

I think the airlines want the heavier stuff under the seats for safety reasons. Light stuff overhead won’t injure someone when flung loose in turbulence.
I cringe when I see bags of duty-free glass bottles going up top.
I wear a photographers vest and take a backpack as carry-on. I can always stow extra stuff from vest to backpack after check-in and security.

Bottles are not supposed to be placed in the overhead. Usually they make an announcement to that effect. Doesn’t mean someone bucking for a Darwin award won’t put them up there anyway, when the flight attendants aren’t looking! :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s the loose duty free bags that are not allowed up top. As long as they’re in a carry-on you’re fine (per the flight attendant on Air Transat last month). Not that it’s a very good idea anyway.

It really ticks me off if the bin above MY seat is full with other peoples stuff. Why should I have to put mine elsewhere and inconvenience someone else? As far as under the seat in front goes, I need the legroom because of two bad knees and the need to stretch my legs regularly. The respective carriers should pay more attention to this. When travellers know there is poor or no monitoring of carry-ons the abuse will continue!

Since I’m the one who would be sitting under my duty free bottles, I always put them under the seat. I watched a show on t.v. where the Americans (can’t remember what outfit)wanted to crash a passenger plane under controlled circumstances to see exactly what happens on board during impact. They installed cameras all through the plane and it was staggering to see what happened. Those overhead bins were death traps waiting to happen :-(.

Just returned from Santa Clara last night. At duty free they charged 1CUC for a heavy duty plastic bag to place bottles inside and the casher would sealed the bag. Once it sealed if you want another bottle you have to pay another 1CUC again. Any explanation for this new rule??

They say it’s for security. Been doing it for a while now.