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How does canjet compare to other carriers,what about leg room?

CanJet uses older 737’s and they are showing their age. Leg room, about the same as SKyservice

One of two carriers (along with Skyservice) which I will avoid if possible. Worse check-in, in-flight and bagage service I’ve seen in all my travels. Granted, it was only one experience, but it was unpleasant enough that I don’t want to repeat it.

If your state of mind is “It’s only 4 hours, whatever gets me to Cuba is fine with me”, then you shouldn’t have an issue with them!

I wholeheartedly second this experience. Complete chaos at the airport and continued throughout the flight. Passengers are crammed in like sardines. In-flight service ranges from non-existent to poor. I will avoid Canjet if at all possible.

Having said that however, if it’s the only way to haul my butt to Cuba (due to vacation timing and/or significant price difference to the next best option), then I’ll reluctantly suck-it-up and go with Canjet.

Check out Seatguru

It will let you see how many (and therefore how cramped) any plane will be

Now I really had no problems with CanJet and found they had more leg room than Skyservice, but I am far from being tall. Food wasn’t great by any means but I don’t expect much from airplane food anyway. I would have no problem using them again but I would have a problem ever using Skyservice again.

[quote=@canuks]Check out Seatguru

It will let you see how many (and therefore how cramped) any plane will be[/quote]

Not sure how this helps, considering neither Canje or Skyservice are on this website

Three words people: ;D Transat Club Class ;D

To pay for Transat Club Class would be more then my trip cost LOL

I don’t believe Canjet offers club class

[quote=@clintontraveller1]I don’t believe Canjet offers club class[/quote]They don’t. Interesting how various carriers come up for discussion of their shortcomings from time to time. The name of the carrier changes, the complaints do not. Obviously every carrier manages to alienate somebody sometime! ;D

These airlines are like the weather…fickle and always being complained about :sunglasses:

Our trip is $758 to MCSM for a week
so you flown there, transfer 90 min ride, and a hotel room for a week with food & booze
My wife is spending 3 day in Toronto, hotel is about $90’night, she has to drive herself there, charge for parking , $20/day, and no food
SO I do not except much on the flight