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Can't Decide on a Resort...please help!

My husband and I and my brother-in-law are planning on going to Varadero the first week of March (we are in our mid 30s). I have been reading the threads on this forum and the reviews on Trip Advisor but I’m still soooo undecided on which resort to choose so I would appreciate any help!![ul]
[li]We would like an adults only resort but since there are not that many in Varadero we are open to other resorts, maybe something that is not that kid friendly (not that we don’t love kids!! but we would like something a bit quieter without kids screaming or running past you on the beach and throwing sand all over you!).
[/li][li]We would also like a resort that offers either a 24hr bar or very late night bar as we are night owls.
[/li][li]I have also read about lots of resorts that have a very narrow or non-existent beach, since I am planning on spending lots of time on the beach I want to choose a resort with a beautiful sandy beach that is not too crowded.
[/li][li]And, of course, a very clean resort with clean rooms and not too many bugs if it can be prevented!
Those are really all of our main criteria in choosing a resort, location in Varadero does not matter much as this is our first trip, we do not plan on doing too many activities other than a couple of day trips to Havana, and at night we just like to sit by a nice bar with a few drinks and relax and mingle! Price is not too much of a problem except that we don’t want to go too high, the one place that we thought we would like to go was the Paradisus Princessa del Mar but, of course, it is one of the top priced packages right now at $1900!

Any suggestions at all would be extremely helpful and appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!


Breezes Jibacoa…everything you are looking for.

Just got back…best resort I have ever stayed at.

Sandals Royal Hicacos is adults-only and has a nice stretch of beach near the tip of the peninsula so only a couple of resorts past it, hence not as much foot traffic. The bars are the nicest I’ve seen so far in Cuba but I believe the latest they are open is 3 a.m.

We went to the Iberostar Varadero 3 years ago on the March break! Even though this is not an adults only resort, there really were not that many kids…perhaps because it is a little on the pricey side? Anyhow…the few kids that we saw mainly stuck to the the pool-I actually cannot recall seeing ANY kids at the beach! Then again…maybe that was due to too many cervesas!

We also stayed at Iberostar Varadero in April 2007. We brought our then-12 year old girls but there really weren’t many kids at the resort. IV is a solid resort…personally, I preferred Sandals Royal Hicacos but both resorts are very nice. Prices for SRH tend to be lower, so for me it would be a no-brainer if we were travelling sans kids.

My vote is also Iberostar Varadero. I have been there 4 times now and heading back in April. Awesome Resort and like the others mentioned there is not too many children around. The most time you will see Children will be around Easter break. Even then it is not too bad. We have been there Easter time before but you are travelling in March so that will be fine. I also heard great reviews for the Sandals Resort.
Any other questions please feel free to ask.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!!

My suggestion would be Breezes Jibacoa too. Take a look at the reviews and see what you think. It is adults only (14+). Not really much of a party place, but there is a 24 hour bar (lobby), plus the piano bar is open until 2am as is the disco. The food is good, with a different theme in the buffet each night (e.g. seafood, Cuban, Mexican etc) and 2 a la carte restaurants, plus snacks and the beach grill 12-5. The rooms are clean and spacious, and the staff are excellent.

Jibacoa isn’t in Varadero, it is located between Varadero and Havana (approx 1 hour from each), so ideal for day trips to Havana.

Hope this helps?

Amanda :slight_smile:

with out a doubt BREEZES JIBACOA

We have been to veradero 10 times including many of the hotels mentioned above. We just spent a wonderful week the first of Dec. at Princessa Del Mar. I can tell you it meets all requirments. The piano bar is opened til 2:00 am with some of the best entertainment I have ever seen in my travels, it is not just piano. After it closes there is a 24 hr bar and snack bar if you want to continue. It also has a disco. They will let you do additional ala carte if there is room, we only had dinner in the buffet once the whole week. Having been to over 20 resorts in the Carribean this was our favorite. Sandels Hiacacos is also very nice with better food, but the staff at Princessa Del Mar are friendlier and will treat you more like a friend than a guest.

Thanks for the review of Princessa Del Mar! We have a friend that went last year and raved about it also! We are crossing our fingers that the price goes down in the next couple of weeks, holding out on booking anything because of it! But I think our second choices are Breezes Jibacoa or Breezes Bella Costa. Iberostars look good too but the price is also up there with the Princessa Del Mar, so let’s see if the prices go down!

Breezes Jibacoa was our second choice for our first trip to Cuba too - our first choice was fully booked, so we went with Jibacoa and have been back there every year since. :slight_smile: Hope you manage to get a good deal where ever you end up!