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Cany you pay departure tax with VISA



I would like to confirm if you can just charge the $US 26 departure tax to VISA or you need cash.

I have also read that the VISA is a cash advance which I have not done before in general. Do you need a passcode for this type of payment?


leaving on Monday.



When you pay the departure tax at the airport it is done at the bank just outside the ticket counters.I would guess that it would have most of the services of a regular bank and visa would be no problem.It would have to be a cash advance so that they don’t loose their 3 % or whatever the fee is for using credit cards,so you would probably need your pin number to do this.I just stick $26 in my passport and forget about it,not worth the worry and frustration!


We got ours right at the resort before we left. Saved alot of time and waiting in line at the airport.


Just got back from CR and saw at the airport that you can pay with VISA (no Mastercard) but it’s $2 extra than if you pay cash.