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Car and Bike hire


Anyone out there know where I can hire a good 4x4 or mountain bike on the North coast?

I have tried a few over the past few trips but always been a bit let down and want to make sure I get something good this time around




I will say one thing unless you have been to the DR many times forget about renting a vehicle, hire a driver, A gringo in a rental car is like a game animal in the cross hairs of the scope of a hunting rifle.


I have been to Dr many times and rented alot of bikes and cars and found people to be nothing but friendly and helpful hence my actual question…



try dr1.com some of the expat’s living there might be able to informe you on that. also where on north coast would also help.


I agree Kurt! I have driven all over this island and have had nothing but a wonderful adventure! I do think “timid” drivers will have have a difficult time. Go with the flow and enjoy. I have never I repeat EVER felt like a target.

I have found some of the best rates at Avis in POP. There are a lot of rental car places but you need to be careful.