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Car Rent in DR?

Hello to everybody,

This year we are going to have active rest in Dominican Republic, we want to visit as many beautiful places as we can. I heard that in DR there is a problem with transport. So we think over the possibility of car rent. Will it be the problem to find any on our arrival to the airport? Or is it better to search any websites with the possibility to book the car beforehand? Maybe someone who has already used such type of service can advice good firm or owner of the car?

Personally, I’d use a taxi or tour company. Driving is somewhat erratic in the DR and driving is a full time job (trucks, motorbikes, pedestrians, dogs and no one follows the rules). If you rent a vehicle, whoever is driving will not see any of the scenery. And, in the event of an accident, you’ll be the gringo and ‘at fault’. Depending on where you are staying, one of our members can likely recommend a driver in that area. Also, you can likely talk a package deal with one of the taxi drivers associated with your hotel.

Well, thank you once again Bob. I understood that the idea with car rent is not very good. And for our safety and calm rest it is better to use a taxi like you said. Of course, it limits our possibility to travel around the island much…Ohh, maybe you can write the approximate prices for taxi services?

Bob is absolutely correct, driving here is a nightmare and if you do not speak Spanish you will have a tough time navigating!

Much better to use a taxi and or public transportation! For example getting from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata is really an easy 4 hour bus ride for under US 10 per person!

Well, thank you a lot for your answers:) just now I am sure we won’t drive by ourselves to save our nerves. I know Spanish a little, but i think not enough to understand people properly. DR people don’t speak English?