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Car rental bavaro area

Can anyone give me some advice of the advisability of renting a car to explore some of the Bavaro area, down to La Romana, and maybe to the beach at playa limon - the tour rep here says no way should we do self drive (naturally she has plenty of excursions on offer, but we hate buses!). We are here until next Monday, staying at Bavaro Princess (full review to follow) and definitely need to escape for at least one or two days out. Can it really be that bad or that difficult?

Also does anyone know, if you go down say to Bayahibe, will any of the hotels let us in to have a look around, as we would like to come back to Dom Rep. but not this hotel, and probably to the Bayahibe area in pref to Bavaro.Thanks

I would take a taxi, not drive.

The best way to see another property is to contact in advance for an appointment. You could try their Guest Services, though, and let them know you’re considering them for a future stay.


If you want to rent a car I’ll order an ambulance for you now ;D The D.R. drivers are well known for having no rules to follow and the only real rule they do follow is that the bigger the car or truck then they get the right of way no matter what

I would hire a taxi if your not familiar with driving in the DR.
We have been many times and now we are ready to drive on our own.
Definately not for first timers :o

I’ve been going to the D.R. now for twenty-six years and I still would not be caught behind the wheel of a car. IMHO there are just to many accidents and drivers who have no concern for other drivers. They sometimes have three, four and the odd time five people on a single motorcycle. Many of the cars are in my opinion just not safe to be on the roads. Speaking of roads, many of them are nothing more then one big pothole for you to drive in. Plus the fact if you ,Heaven forbid, do get in an accident and maybe it is your fault I wouldn’t want to spend some time in their local AI resort ;D Not worth it but then again thats just me.

Was there last year and we, as well condiered renting a car to explore. this was our intention before we arrive at the airport.
the bus ride to the hotel was an eye opener. When quickly decided that this was not an option. As another forum posters put it when ask if they drive on the right or left hand side of the road? is reply was: the right side, the left side, the middle, wherever there’s room. an I will attest to that.

When on a bus for the Saona Island excursion, we drove through a good size town, Higuey. Manyinterections/corners where here in North America you would have a stop sign or at the very least a traffic light. When we were going through these intersections, I found it puzzling to try and find out who had the rightaway. when we ask the driver, he replied: “who ever honks 1st” …not really my style of driving.

Should you rent a vehicle? up to you but please use caution. I havew also heard that in caase of collision, everyone goes to jail until it’s sorted out. Same for Mexico. Not the best way to spend your vacation…

Hi, thanks for all advice. Went totally against it and had a car yesterday. Rented from Avis who sent a rep speaking ok english, who went thru all insurance etc., gve us an upgrade, a map, full details of safety numbers programmed into my cellphone, and then went thru directions with us. Have to say it was a great day! Should actually say that we live in Corfu, Greece, and maybe our roads are not exactly 100% (or our drivers) but whilst you can forget the words ‘courteous’ when referring to Dominican driving, they were not much worse than looney drivers elsewhere in the world.

We drove bavaro, higuey, bayahibe, boca yuma and back, not too adventurous but it worked well. It was a bit stressful, having rained in the morning so you couldnt tell how deep the potholes were. Higuey does have one way streets, turns, lights etc. but there is so much traffic there that it all moves very slowly and you have time to work out where you are going, and there are signs. Don’t think there are all that many signs generally and it would be a problem. We don’t speak spanish but managed left, right and straight on the couple of times we asked directions and everyone we asked was fairly amused and very friendly. Yes, I would recommend it, take your time, don’t try to go too far (everywhere seems to be a lot further than it looks on the map!) and def. don’t drive at night (doesn’t seem to be an edge to the road which could be difficult). Overall I would say Jamaic aand Thailand are worse.