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Car Rental Costs - Marea del Portillo

If we are able to get a rental car for a day or two
the week from Dec 25 to Jan 1st, does anyone have
an idea as to what a car will cost per day in CUC? I can’t
seem to find anything on websites, etc.
With the poor exchange rate right now, we want to plan our
money properly… Thanks

Honestly, at this late date there is no way you’ll find a short-term rental over the holidays anywhere in Cuba. If you did manage to stumble across a same day cancellation by another tourist and you were standing right there when it happened then plan on about 85 CUC minimum, plus whatever “tip” it’ll cost to have the vehicle directed to you instead of to the many other people also trying to score a holiday rental.

Good luck.

(Consider hiring a taxi for the day instead.)

prices start about $50 per day (and up) for a compact car, 5-speed manual

friends rented a 4-door automatic hyundai sedan for $85/day in low season (may/june)

gas was $1.50/litre in september; not sure how much now

$50 is considerably less than 40 CUC. There hasn’t been a short term rental available anywhere near that inexpensive (including insurance, etc.) for a long time. Getting that price over the Christmas holidays will be impossible.

thanks for your imput.
I guess we’ll be calling Fabio… and bringing him
some “perks”. Any suggestions?

I’m betting that if you call Fabio saying that you’ll do “whatever it takes” to secure a car that the answer will still be sorry, can’t help…

You never know though, stranger things have happened. Good luck, and at the same time have him investigate a private taxi for you. I suspect that will be easier and cheaper…

The “problem” with Marea del Portillo is that there are no other hotels/resorts in the area that you can borrow from. So, if all the cars are taken, then Fabio can’t get any more.

This is why you should have a “Plan B”. As I suggested earlier, there are a number of drivers you can hire for the day, and they come with a vehicle!

Rest assured, the private taxi is used by a lot of us, and it just isn’t that expensive. A group of friends usually rent a private taxi and driver for a day every year. There are between four and six of them, depending on who ants to go along. It averages out to around $25-$30 each, and you never have to worry about an accident, dent, flat tire, etc.

I’ve never rented a car there, but I think that last year it was around $75-80 CUC a day.

when I was there in Nov they were closer to $80.00 per day it’s much cheaper to get a taxi driver…call Fabio and set it up…as for perks for Fabio??? Not too sure what to tell you… I"m sure he will do what he can to accommodate you though… Good luck…say hello to Fabio from me …

Best perk: money
A generous tip always makes the best thank-you for good service

(Fabio is a taxi-driver; he knows all the rental car guys, and all the other taxi drivers)
You’ll see

thanks to everyone for sharing your information and knowledge.
As we dig ourselves out here in s. ontario, I am counting the
hours to boarding the plane - Dec 25th 6 a.m. yahoo!!!

I heard from the manager today that the weather is beautiful…your so lucky!!!

a friend just returned from this area and he worked out the daily price for a car…comes to $117.00 Canadian…thats with the exchange rate and all insurance…that’s an expensive way to travel in Cuba!!!