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Car rental from Cancun, question

Since the transfers to & from our hotel, the Catalonia Tulum, for 4 people is $352, we were thinking about renting a car. However, we have heard that you need full insurance, not just the liability, which runs $35 to $50 A DAY, EXTRA. Is this true because we are there for 10 days and that will really add up.
Then we also heard that the cops stop you for anything and that you have to pay them off. Is this correct?
We only want to go to Playa Del Carmen twice and The ruins once. Also heard that our hotel has a shuttle but have not been able to varify that. any information would be helpful. If you could also please email your response, just in case I dont find this page again, I would appreciate it. Sandygetsjunk@yahoo.com THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

The best way to verify if your hotel has a shuttle or not is to call them and ask!
If they do, then you could book that way.
If not, you can always book http://www.bestday.com/Transfers/Cancun/ they look good and appear to have the best prices.
We booked them and will be using them in about 10 days.
Another option would be to rent the car, as you say, but plan your outings on the next two days so you won’t have to pay for extra days when you won’t be using it. (PS> unlimited milage in the cars is included, but check with the rental agency just to be sure!) Then drive the car back to Cancun and take the bus back. The bus station is downtown and apparently easy to find. You could take a cab to the bus station to make it easier. The rates for the bus trip are quite reasonable. You could plan a “Cancun Day” for when you return the car.
Barring that, you could see if you can return the car to Akumal or Playa del Carmen.
As for extra insurance, when you rent a car, everyone I’ve spoken to have emphasized it’s a MUST! Get all the extra insurance you can. DO NOT SKIMP!
How this gives you some other ideas.

For the amount of traveling around you want to do, I think a rental car is an unnecessary expense. You can get your transfers cheaper than the price you quote above (Best Day, as diafel says, is one option).

If by ruins you are referring to Tulum, you can take a colectivo for 2 or 3 bucks pp each way. Same deal for Playa. I was at the Cat Yucatan in August and took the resort shuttle to Playa several times. At that time, the Cat Tulum also had daily shuttle service to Playa. One left the resort at 9am and returned from Playa at 5pm. The second went in at 6pm and returned at 11pm. The shuttles are free. If you prefer to go at another time, colectivos are your best bet.

Have a great time :slight_smile: