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I am tired of dragging my rather large carry-on/purse and it’s becoming too heavy to sling on my shoulder.  So, I have decided to use the bag on wheels.  It looks so much easier to pull this little carry on - although I have seen large ones being brought on the plane and squeezed into the above compartment on the plane.  How do some people get away with this larger size?  anyways, does anyone have thoughts on the lightest carry ons?  So far, I’ve only found ones that are 4 lbs. minium - there must be ones that weigh alot less ?


We have a couple of very light weight pieces from this company. So far, so good.



Thanks for that Spunky. Exactly what I’m looking for


I, as well, am tired of lugging a duffle. I bought a cheap roll-on carry-on at Walmart for about $19?? and it has served me very well and fits in the overhead. Fine with AC/WestJet/Air Transat etc but haven’t tried it with Sunwing…


I dont even bring a carry on…hate lugging it around, cramming it in the overhead, fighting with others trying to get off the plane and grabbing it…and worrying about overweight limits etc…
travelling with NO carry-on has been a much more enjoyable and care-free expereince for me…

You should try it one time and see what you think!


Geez monctonguy where do you put your a) passport b) wallet c)glasses (if you need them) and god forbid where does anyone put their lipstick ? no no - no carry on just would not work for me :slight_smile:


When we board, our carried items include a carry-on for the overhead, a personal item (backpack) and a purse or small case. I wear a photo vest with lot’s O’ Pockets. We could skip a carry-on, but that’s the cameras and lenses and valuable stuff.


Well when travelling south I am usually in cargo shorts, with maybe a light jacket on for the trip down…so wallet, phone, passport, gum, mp3 player and phone all fit in my pockets, sunglasses on my head…

it’s very liberating after years of dealing with the unjoys of carry ons…you have no idea standing in line while everyone else is lugging carry ons, or espically when travelling with sunwing and they give you 5kg,seeing people try to move stuff around and repack, what a relaxing and unstressful experiece it is for me…

Now if my checked luggage doesnt arrive, thats a whole nother issue…lol…


Good thinking on the cargo pants idea. This is now something I will have to consider…although I’m really not sure I could do it. Guess I’m a creature of habit and require particulars in my carry on. Change is good though


I’m guessing that would only have to happen one time to get you to rethink your strategy!

I always have enough in my carry-on to manage for a day or so if my checked luggage is MIA. Never had it happen to me (yet), but I know of people who have waited days for the checked bags to be located and retrieved. My niece travels with only a carry on, since it is so much easier when catching connecting flights, and is a lot quicker on arrival back home, not having to wait for the checked luggage to show up.


We use backpacks now…last few trips have been with Sunwing…and I carry a purse


Backpacks are great! Can fit lots of things and great size for carry-on!


We’ve been using backpacks for years because they are so multi-purpose, light weight and versatile.


always backpacks here too, at least my small laptop fits in one. About losing luggage: we’ve had it in Barbaods, when only my husbands suitcase arrived. Good thing that we usually divide our stuff over two suitcases, so I did have some clothes and swimsuits. It showed up two days later at our apartment, though.

I’m afraid that a lot of people will only bring (big) carry-ons, instead of normal luggage, now that the airlines are charging for the first checked bag.


Not sure how they will put liquids and gels into carry on so it might not be issue unless they do not carry any toothpaste, deodorants, lotions, razorblades, sun screen, sunblock etc


I always buy the travel size toiletries anyway and keep most of them in my carry on! Whatever I need while I’m away, I just buy it at the destination.


Thanks all! I have just found a neat little pull buggy on wheels that can hold my carry on nicely. It’s lightweight and easy peasey to pull. thing is, I need to keep c-pap and battery pack in it along with some clothes/toiletries in case my luggage gets lost. It can get heavy with all this crap in it.


Good for you Selectived. It’s hard to find good stuff, sometimes.
Send us a link to the site. Others may want one too.


I found it in a little bargain store in a town close to me. It’s comparable to a shopping cart that many elderly people use. Only weights about a pound !


See if you can copy the name for us.