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Carry your passport

We as a group have been going to RD for 6 years. Every thursday we hire a local taxi to take us to Peninome. This year we were stopped by a roadside imagration check. They wanted to see our passports We didn’t have any. Only one couple out of 7 ended paying $20.for not having a passport in possession while off the resort.The driver was able to tell the headstrong imagration people we were from RD. After this we went back to the resort and complained to Rey a Nolitours rep. You should make a copy of your passport and carry it wih you off the resort. Reception at the resort will copy one for you.

I noticed the brochure given us when we paid for Decameron Travel excursion indicated that we must bring a Passport when we went on their excursion to the Panama Canal. I assumed it was merely for a stop after the trip at a duty free shop. Good information jackaroo. The $20 could be spent better elsewhere…

Hey Jack,
Imagration heard that you guy’s came out of the"Black Hole" thats probably why the roadblock !!!