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Casa Del Mar advice to share?


Has anyone been married at the casa del mar and can share their experience? Our wedding is not until Jan 08 so we have a long wait but i want to find out everything i can.
Has anyone had the dinner and reception on the beach?
What were the flowers like?
Was the hair salon good?
what was the best/worst thing about the experience?
any info at all would be great



If you Pm baltobabe she will be able to help you as she goes to this resort all the time :sunglasses:


Hi Feebs,

This link will take you to ove 120 pages of Wedding Pics and info that I have accumulated for CDM:


Hope it helps until some of our previous brides can come in and give your the “real deal details”

Let me know if you need anything else.

bb/mt ;D


I’ve been to Casa del Mar 5 times (the 6th time coming up on March 20). My first trip there was for the wedding of my friends.

You can have the reception on the beach, but depending on how many people you have it could get costly. My friends’ wedding reception was held in the Asian a la carte, but since they were married on Beach Party night there was a fabulous beach reception anyway! That worked out well for us, but bear in mind that if you want a private beach reception, you’d have to avoid that night of the week (Tuesdays for now).

My friend’s flowers were gorgeous. Some people are very particular about wanting roses of a certain colour or Gerbera daisies or similar. That opens the door for disappointment when you have very specific demands. My friend wanted blues and purples and we were delighted. At that time the flowers came from Santo Domingo, but I know that there’s a great florist in La Romana so they may have changed their source. You can also feel free to spend your first couple of days wandering the resort looking at the flora and then select something handpicked for your hair or for your attendants.

We didn’t use the salon.

The best thing was how easy it all was. There was no stress on our part because we had few demands and put it into the hands of the professionals. They knew exactly what they were doing and about 5 questions put to us was the extent of our on-site involvement (shape of bouquet, type of cake, colour of flowers, etc.). It was also fantastic to have the wedding on the pier. It provides a built in “aisle” to descend and in the end you are being married ON the Caribbean, with water lapping underneath the ceremony.

Hmmmm. Worst thing? I’d have to put some thought into it. There were no negatives. Paper work in advance maybe, but nothing to do with the wedding itself.

If you have any other questions, I will try to help.

Kaki :smiley:


Thanks for the info, i have been looking longingly at the wedding brochure from baltobabe for weeks but it is nice to here from someone who has been to a weeding there.
We are really laid back people and i dont usually let little things get to me. I just want everyone to have a great time at our wedding.
For flowers i dont mind about the type apart from that i want them to be white and hand tied rather than drop.
The pier looks fab and quite private which is what we wanted. We only have about 15 guests as we are coming from the uk and it is 9 hours flight away!


I am getting married at CDM in May and plan on posting every detail when I get back (with pictures)…I know as a future bride you want as much info as possible. From what I’ve gathered from all the forums, it is going to be such a fantastic trip. I will definitely give all my tips when I return

congratulations on your upcoming wedding!