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Casa marina bay


We are a group of 11 heading to Samana Penn. area Dec 23-30. Staying at the Casa Marina Bay.We are looking for any info on both the resort and the area attractions/ excursions. We understand the beach is beautiful, will we have access to good snorkelling(5 teens looking to experience ocean and tropical fish for the first time), also what about safari type trips in the area. Any info for this area will help! Thanks Smarty, Happy Holidays! Can’t wait! ;D


Hey Smarty,

Smart move choosing Casa Marina Bay in Las Galeras, is the best All Inclusive in town with the nicest beach and a lot of activities for the guests. Kids they gone have a blast, if you venture on any tours outside your hotel gates, careful with the kids, the terrain is rugged and a little on the wild side. An iguana sanctuary might be of interest to your kids, hotel might have excursions including this destination.
Iguanarium is outside Las Galeras on the road to Playa Rincon, not within walking distance for sure. Intersection is call Cruce de Rincon

For blood thirsty, beer and rum thirsty male adults; on the opposite corner of Iguana Sanctuary further down towards Samana is the cockfight arena (Gallera), less bloody then a bull fight, where the not so lucky loser of the fight might end up as a main ingredient in tomorrows stew. Fights are only on certain days, check with any local Dominican for time and days of the fights.

Have a blast in Las Galeras



Thanks Samana, I really appreciate your comments. Yeh, the Kids? One 15, one 17, 3 are 20, so we are looking for things for them, 3 of them hunt with us so I got to think the Cock fights might be of interest to them too. I saw another reply you made about the new air port. I guess there have been some wrinkles have there?? Is all Ok, now! Also, are you aware if the upgrades at the Casa Marina Bay are complete. I guess we’ll be some of the ealiest arrivals and returns from there since re opening! I will let all know what we find. Thanks again, need anything from Ontario? Smarty ;D


Sorry Samana, ??? I guess it was Mountain frog who was talking about the German flight that had trouble and was diverted. Here’s hoping that the new air port is wrinkle free by Dec. 23. Smarty ;D


Si Dios quiere. :wink:
The radionavigation systems (DME and VOR) at AZS are said to be working properly again… (at least today…).
But don’t worry, by the time you’re asked to fasten your seatbelts for the landing they should have found an airport somewhere… ::slight_smile:



Thanks M’Frog! I hate it when people sugar coat it. I saw your reply to another ’ Cherry visitor" about how hot it is! Nice vista by the pool! Hot is a relative term!( I think my wife is HOT,Ask my son and I think he’d give you a Gag reflex :P, how could your Mom be Hot ???). So you think its cool at your place,At least you don’t have to shovel sun shine! Keep your replies comin and Thanks, Smarty ;D


Well, today we could. :slight_smile:
A little warming up exercise in these ‘freezing’ temperatures is quite welcome, isn’t it? ;D

Weather at Froghill Finca 11:00 hrs local time:
sunny, few clouds, chilly 24 ºC :P, easterly winds at 5 - 10 kts, 81 % relative humidity, outlook for remainder of the day: dry



Thanks, M’FROG. We had snow here, but the last few rainy milder days has knocked it down! :-* We are getting things organized here to get on our way on Friday. Watching those weather reports daily 8-), still looks better than 5C :P. Take care thanks Again, Smarty ;D


Good morning!! M’Frog we are on our way tomorrow to the airport, leaving Saturday AM, how is the weather! All networks have rain being in the forcast the past two weeks. Have you been having that much rain?? :’( We are in Las Galeras Til the 30th ,what do you think our chance of SUN is. :sunglasses: How are things going at the new airport?? Thanks, have a Great Day! Smarty ;D


Frogweather, today 11:45 hrs local time:
After some downpours in the morning now 24ºC and very humid (88% rel.), sunny intervals.
You’ll have sun, I am sure as you won’t be in the hills, the beach area normally is not so much affected by the incoming clouds even when they are low and rain heavy.
Do enjoy your holiday.
See us if you like.



Thanks once again for the reply!!! :slight_smile: We are on our way and with your direction, we looking forward to our trip! ;D I hope we can sometime be as helpfull as you have been to so many travelers. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Smarty :sunglasses:


Just got back home :’(. We had the time of our life at Casa Marina Bay ;D. It was more than what we had hoped for! Anyone interested, ask away! As soon as my head clears from New Years activities here at home ??? I’ll try and answer anything you Like. This place was GREAT!! Smarty


:slight_smile: Airport? Which one did you land at? I hope you will be doing a review.

Did you venture out to see the cockfights? Any other excursions / activities you’d like to tell us about?

How about the snorkelling? The beach? The food? Drinks?

Tell us all!!! :wink: :smiley: :-*