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Casa Marina Beach&Reef -- baby friendly?


I posted this in the “Casa Marina - Again!” thread but re-posted it here in case it gets more exposure:

My wife and I, along with our very young daughter (she’ll be 9 months old), are looking at the Casa Marina Reef resort for late February.

Will this place be child-friendly for this age? IE: Will they have cribs/cots for our daughter (and what cost?), and are there mini-fridges for her baby food and juices? I checked their website and it didn’t list either of these things, but I’m hoping experienced Casa Marina patrons can shed some light.

Also, my sister and sister-in-law are going to be meeting us there later the same day, but they’re flying from another city, so we’re on different tour operators (we’re with NOLI, they’re with SUNWING). Their package is for the “Beach”, ours is for the “Reef”. Will we have any problems getting rooms close to each other, and/or will we be able to share ALL facilities?

Is room-to-room calling free?

Thanks everyone, we appreciate your responses!!

Eric, Crystal, and little Zoe.

PS: Is it recommended to bring a full week supply of diapers or are they available for a half-decent price in Sosua? My gut tells me we’re better off packing enough for the trip.


;)Why don’t you e-mail them your questions. They answer very quickly.



[quote author=vincentediana board=Poparea thread=1165084791 post=1165089149] ;)Why don’t you e-mail them your questions. They answer very quickly.



Done!!! Thanks for the email addy!


They got back to me and said:

  • Cribs are free (no idea what the quality/usability is but I think we’re bringing the playpen anyhow - it folds down very compact.)
  • Fridge in Reception avail. 24/7 but they will try for a fridge in our room anyhow. :slight_smile:

Booking tonight! (So excited!!)


I think you will really enjoy your stay at Casa Marina. For the price, it is fantastic! The staff is wonderful, and the food is excellent. Beach is great, and there are 3 pools. Lots to do! There were a lot of young children when we went. Enjoy your trip!


It looks like the staff are going out of their way to please you. It is very refreshing to know that this resort will help you in any way that you want :sunglasses:


I find this resort to be very accommodating. The staff usaully go out of their way to be helpful. (My favorite Resort!!!)


[quote author=missingsosua board=Poparea thread=1165084791 post=1165884445]I find this resort to be very accommodating. The staff usaully go out of their way to be helpful. (My favorite Resort!!!)


Casa Marina-2004
Sosua by the Sea- 2005
Casa Marina-2005-June& Dec.
Casa Marina-2006-July
Casa Marina-2006-Dec.

Was the “Sosua by the Sea- 2005” vacation a scheduling anomaly or what? :slight_smile: I can see you love Casa Marina – good to hear! We stayed at Breezes POP in 2002 and then were at a 5 1/2 star resort (Iberostar) for our honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera 2 years ago. I know Casa Marina won’t beat the Iberostar 5.5* but we have realistic expectations and look forward to it either way!

We’re also taking my sister (hey, free babysitting!) who has never been south of maybe Chicago, and my sister-in-law who has travelled extensively with the rest of my in-laws (Mexico 15 times, Vegas, Hawaii, Florida, etc…). We should have a great time judging by the reviews!

Unfortunately the tour operator they’re with (Sunwing) only has “Beach” rooms. And ours (Noli Tours) only has “Reef” rooms. Is there a good way to still get close (or next-door) rooms even though technically we’re in two different hotels? I figure we’ll just ask the front desk when we check in 4 hours ahead of them (flight time differences - they’re coming from Thunder Bay, ON, we’re flying out of Montreal, QC but we’re from Ottawa, ON).)

Cheers everyone!


Eric- I have PM’d you with a suggestion…


Yes Sosua by the Sea was due to overscheduling, but it was great. I loved the place, the rooms are really nice set up. It is smaller than Casa Marina, but they call it a Boutique Resort and that is just what it reminds me of. Whenever I can’t get booked into Casa Marina, that is where I will stay.

This is funny we once had to fly out of Montreal(drove from Toronto). That is when we stayed at SBTS.

All I can suggest is that you talk to the front desk when you arrive, they are usually good at accommodating the guests. We also used Sunwing and I found the Rep that we had to be very helpful so talk to them as well.

Let us know the results. Have a great time.!!!


Staff at casa marina are very good. we have been a few time and are going back march 07. we travel with an Autistic child and everyone has been so helpfull, no problems with anything at all. One point I would make is take plent of suncream and nappies these can eb very pricey over there. Also the beach ok to sit on but I wouldnt take the little ones to the seanat casa marina not even to dip their toes. My daughter husband and I were hit by a massive wave and got hurt badly. Use the beach at Sosua much nicer


Has anyone ever seen/noticed, at any Caribbean resort, people with babies in playpens near the pools? We are bringing the Pack-N-Play playpen and thought it might be a good idea to bring it poolside with a UV-screen on top that we have… let Zoe play in there while we suntan (and obviously keep a close eye on her!).