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Casa Marina Reef/Beach Resort

We are making our first trip to the DR the end of March to the Casa Marina Reef/Beach Resort. We’ve gone to Cuba 5 times in the last 4 years. Any advice on the resort or the area?
Looking at doing a cateraman excursion.
Advice on a specific room or block to ask for?

anyone? ???

Do you know which side you will be on, Beach or Reef?? Maybe I can help you. ;D

I’m thinking it may be beach as it was a smoking deal!
What is the biggest difference?

If you get the opportunity to ask for a “specific” room on the Beach side, I would choose a room in building 7 or 8. We were checked in to building 10, which was lovely and had an ocean view, but after the nightly shows, they move entertainment a/o karaoke into the buffet restaurant area and the noise carries to building 10 and 11 until after midnight. If you are a night owl, no problem, but if you like your sleep and are an early riser, it can get frustrating. In the last couple of years we had a room in building 7 and the noise was never an issue there.

This was our ninth visit to this resort and we look forward to visit number 10 next year. Go out in the town day or night and have a great time. We have always felt more than safe and always have a great time.

As for tours like the Catamaran, go and see Linda at Mel Tours office in the plaza by the Checkpoint Bar in town. She will be able to help you.

Any more questions? I would be glad to help! If not, have a great time!


Thanks MizPiggy

The resort map I have has the buildings listed as A - K, but I can guess that rooms 711-746 are in building 7, make sense?
Buildings 7 and 8 would be around the end of the big pool on the beach side?
Any suggestions as to meals? Is one buffet better than the other, a la cartes?
Any suggestions on tips for staff? Are gifts better than cash?
The DR is all new to us… ;D

Yes. Buildings 7 and 8 are around the end of the big pool.

As for the buffet restaurants, they are both pretty much the same. They have just a couple extra hot food items at the Beach side. We did both the Italian and Mexican a la cartes and both were pretty good. We did not do the Sea Scape (and haven’t for a couple years) but those we spoke to that did, said the Sea Bass was the best entree served. At lunch time, the Italian restaurant serves pizza from 12 to 4 and the Mexican does the burger, hot dog and chicken wing thing from 12 to 4.

Tipping is a personal thing and there have been many discussions on these boards regarding just that, but we just do the cash thing. (Just my opinion however)


Thanks Again for your replies.
Which is the newer part? Beach or Reef?

Reef :sunglasses: