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Casa Marina Reef ! :D


Hi all, ive just booked a weeks all inclusive holiday at the Casa Marina Reef resort for me and my partner. We are going on the 4th march and i cant wait. Is this a good resort? reviews seems to be fairly good on it. I have been to the dominican republic north coast before going to Bahia Principe San Juan back in 2002 and it was great. I have a few questions hopefully someone can answer them :slight_smile:

What is the weather like in march?

What Excursions are available to do and whats recommended? (last time i did Catamaran and Outback jungle safari)

The all inclusive system seems to end at 11pm, is this the same in both the reef and the beach?

If so around how much is alcohlic drinks after that time and food for a rough guideline?

I have no taxi transfers from the airport, is there any reputable companys how i can arrange these with? i have emailed isariatours.com to see if they could do this.

Whats the general food like and is there a wide selection? im from the uk and quite fussy :stuck_out_tongue:

What available motorized watersports are there and how much? Jet Skis :sunglasses: ?

Most importantly will i have a great time?

Thanks all


Let me answer your most important question first. Will you have a good time? YES.

Weather should be good. There may be the odd brief shower during the day.

You already did the two excursions I would recommend.

Can’t answer #3 and 4.

Just pick up a taxi at the airport. If Isaira can do it, they are very reputable.

Jet skis? Not sure, but should be.


Hello joef2k2. You asked, "The all inclusive system seems to end at 11pm, is this the same in both the reef and the beach? "
The answer is yes, it is the same. There is also no food available on resort after dinner (which is 6:30 to 10 pm) and as for the price of drinks after 11, we are usually “done” for the day, so I can’t answer that question. But I’m sure someone else will have that answer for you shortly!
The food is generally very good at this resort, the chicken and pork dishes are excellent for sure. I don’t know just how picky you are, but I have never had a problem finding something to eat at every meal. Just relax, go with the flow, and you will have a great time at the Casa Marina. :sunglasses:


I’m also going to Casa Marina Beach in late March and wondering which rooms are “Ocean View” and if men must wear long pants at the a-la-cartes?


There is a map of the layout of the Casa Marina complex on www.sosuadomrep.com. posted in the “General” thread. That should give you an idea. When you are looking at the map, the ocean would be at the bottom of the map. (hope that makes sense)
I have seen some men wear dress shorts to the a-la-cartes, just not the beach looking type.


joef2k2, Casa Marina is great!!! I love it there!!! The buffets and restaurants close at 10:30 and the bars close at 11 o clock but the Marlin bar and the bar in the disco remain open later, but they are cash bars.

There are restaurants and bars open past eleven, if you want to go off resort. At the back entrance to the Beach resort, there is the Taino Bar(at least it was still there last July) they serve drinks and some snacks.

I think that long pants or at least dress casuals are required at the Specialty restaurants. You have a wide variety of food to choose from at the resort and I would venture to say that it is pretty good and you will surely be able to find something to your liking . I am not sure if they have jet skis, they do have some motorized sports things though and they also have kayaks(they look like fun lol).

I agree you will have a great time. If you have any other questions just ask.


cheers guys, sounds like i will have a great time with my partner. any excursion recommendations from anyones previous experience? also how much spending money would you say we would need for a week considering we would do about 2 excursions plus buy drinks etc if we want after 11pm? i was thinking around $1000?


Unless you plan on buying quality art and jewellry, and eating several times at expensive restaurants off-resort, then $1,000 is more than enough spending money for a week. We set aside $300 USD for two excursions for both of us including buying souvenirs during the excursions, plus about $50 USD for miscellaneous tips for the maid, staff at the specialty restaurants, bus drivers to and from the resort and on excursions, tour guides, etc. Although the all-inclusives state that gratuities are included in the package price, we make sure to tip accordingly, as excursion and resort staff generally don’t make much $.

We have been on the following excursions: Ocean World, Paradise Island, Santiago/Jarabacoa, Catamaran, Monster Truck. Booked through Mel’ Tours http://www.sosuadomrep.com/mel_tour.htm recently and through our Sunquest rep, three years ago. Enjoyed all of them. The next one we want to go on is Gri-Gri Lagoon, Playa Grande.

Dress code at the three specialty restaurants is semi-formal/casual, long pants/skirts/dresses, no flipflop shoes, no tank tops for males. Dinner is generally more formal than other meals; that’s the DR culture. We did see some men wearing shorts and IMHO, that’s not appropriate for dinner at the specialty restaurants either onsite or offsite.

I wrote a detailed review of our latest visit to Casa Marina Beach & Reef. Check out the links below.