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Casa Marina Reef

Greetings from New Brunswick…3 years ago we visited Sosua and stayed at Casa Marina for 1 week and loved it!! Especially like the location. Looking at going back in March 2009 and wondering if it still has the appeal it did 3 years ago. Has Sosua built up or changed a lot in the last 3 years? Has the resort gone “down hill” at all…We felt very comfortable in Sosua even out and about in the evening…Is Baily’s bar still there?? Thanks everyone for your help. :slight_smile:

We last stayed Casa Marina in May of 07 . Like we love the location the, town, the employees,(the whole thing), I think that Baileys is still there not really sure though. There are a few different things that have changed, such as the strip across from the front of Casa Marina, there is a new jewellry shop, an ice cream parlor, the tatoo shop is gone(don’t know where though).

As far as Casa Marina, they have made slight changes from what we could see, the evening shows start later and end earlier, they have more entertainment on the Beach side now looks like they are trying to equal it our a bit and apparently there have been renovations to some of the rooms, but unfortunatley we didn’t see any. Some of the familiar faces have disappeared, but a lot of them are still there.

This is our resort of choice and when we return which I hope to be soon, this is where we will be going.

Any other questions, I will be glad to try and answer.

Casa Marina is still the same, only the beach is a lot smaller trough the hurricane Ike. The hotel knows that they have to do something or there will be not longer a beach at the hotel in a vew years. I am talking about the beach near Casa Marina Beach. The beach with the restaurant.Shows are starting about 21:45 till about 22:30-22:45 hour
I was in september in Casa Marina for the 11th time.
Sorry for my bad english.

Great pictures, and your English is fine. :smiley:


Everybody who has been in Casa Marina knows that Francis Mercedes (Samson) like to sing his songs. Many people have some songs of him of his videoclip.
If you are a fan of Francis, than be a member of his fanclub on http://francismercedes.hyves.nl Its for free.
If you go in one of the next months to Casa Marina, give than Francis the adress of his fanclub.

My daughter and her family were there this past March and loved it enough that they are looking to return this March…hey, maybe they will take me with them.