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Casa Marina Reef

I was wondering if anyone would know when the casa marina was built i would like to see some pictures of the resort when it opened. I cant find any info on this. Hope you can help

The original part of Casa Marina is quite old. Then in the early 90’s the put a large addition on it with the new pool. I stayed there before and after this addition. I just can’t remeber the exact dates. The about the mid to laote 90’s they built the Reef. I can remeber being there one Feburary and the Reef wasn’t even started and then going back the next year and it was almost completed.

so i guess you know first hand how much beach they used to have. Was the sand brought in or was it a natural beach?

As far as I know it was a natural beach. I have seen that happen over the years from time to time. It has allways came back before.

My first time was in 1998. At that time Reef was nearly ready. I have on my websote some old photo’s from the beach of C.M. Beach from 1990. Now and than I recieve some photo’s from others to put on my page of C.M.