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Casinos For Cuba?

 The next mega change in world tourism will be made by the newly rich of China. Any country that wants to host the Chinese tourist must have gambling as it is part of their culture. Australia , Philipines and Vancouver are currently designing / building casinos for the up coming very rich Chinese tourist.
 Should Cuba have their casinos :::

  1. In larger selected resorts ?
  2. In theme parks ?
  3. Stand alone ?
    " You are what you post - Si !!! "

NO…absolutly NOT …IMHO

Macau’s casinos now make Vegas look third rate and do five times mare revenue than Vegas. Cuba needs to import a great deal of oil to keep the lights on. Can you spare a tanker full of oil at no cost ?

please think of the devastation, waste and many other less favourable things that casinos bring in … it is not just money.

Absolutely not! IMHO, this will be the slow decline of the Cuba we all love! (puke) :-[

I would agree with posters above me. No to casinos in Cuba they do not need that kind of business. They have beautiful beaches and nature that casinos are not needed at all.

I read that Casinos and the accompanying vices were part of the reason for the revolution in 1959.
Would TPTB take the chance and throw out 55 years of ‘progress’?

This would probably end up as another source of corruption. Money would be flowing out of the casinos in brown paper bags to the well connected.

Almost certainly.

I seriously doubt they will open casinos anytime soon. Many of the reforms they have instituted are contrary to their basic political philosophy, but casinos would be way over the top. I don’t see it happening. Maybe right after they legalize drugs and prostitution. :wink:

That about sums it up perfectly.

So you’re saying we’re going to have black market casinos?

But only game is dominos :slight_smile:

Don’t forget cockfighting - always popular. I think it’s horrid but it is reality.

Yes I hate cock fighting too. It happens every Sunday around Banes but they have to keep moving the venue so the policia don’t catch them. A lot of gambling on the result of the fights, so I believe.

B.C.population 4.5 million - gaming net revenues $ 1.2 billion Si !!!

[quote=@cubakingone]B.C.population 4.5 million - gaming net revenues $ 1.2 billion Si !!!

What on earth does that have to do with Cuba?


Gordon is testing your math skills!

If our province generates that much gambling revenue/profit based on our population, how much revenue would be generated for the Cuban government based on their population?

Don’t know about the UK, but it seems all of our provincial governments have become “addicted” to gaming/casino profits.

I don’t think that casinos are that ‘big’ in the UK.

That’s interesting to know.

While I personally have never set foot in a casino, and don’t plan to any time in the future, gaming revenue has become something our government counts on as part of the fiscal budget.

In the DR, many resorts offer casinos. I can see that Cuba would be tempted to put casinos into resort complexes even though I’d wish for that not to happen. It would be an easy extra revenue stream adjunct in places like Varadero or the Cayos which are already geographically more secluded tourist enclaves away from the general Cuban population.

Never ceases to amaze me how many people ask if Cuba has casinos. I know a few couples who would never go to Cuba because a casino is a must-have activity for their holiday enjoyment. Based on what I’ve learned about the chinese population, especially those who have settled in Vancouver, gambling is a very important activity. They also tend to shun the sun which is why we have just as many people walking around with umbrellas up in the summer than the winter around here. So if Cuba wants to attract visitors and their $$ from China, casinos would be just the ticket because I don’t think just beautiful beaches would be enough.

I’ll take beaches and snorkelling over casinos any day!