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Catalonia bavaro

I am new to the site. This web site has really impressed me with the collective knowledge of the writers. Really amazing!
I read the HLYWD review of the Catalonia Bavaro with great interest. My husband and I are thinking of going there this December. I need to get away from my 50th birthday. Unfortunately, I am sure it will follow me but at least I will be warm and at a beautiful beach.
I have a few questions I hope someone can answer:
Should I wait to book the trip and try to get a “last minute” special or take the price on Travelocity ($1400 for 3 nights/4 days and flight from JFK)?
Can I request a top floor room if I book the trip on the web site?
I did not see any construction in the pictures from the review but do you think the construction will interfere with our vacation?
Also, is the disco at night any good? We love to dance but really don’t stay out very late.
Is there a possibility of getting upgraded to a room that HLYWD enjoyed? And is there an upgrade that applies to liquor and services? I did not see anything like that offered on the information from Travelocity.
Thanks so much for the information. We are really looking forward to our first trip to DR!!
Mary Delia

sent you a pm (personal essage)