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Catalonia Beach - Recommendations pls

Hi, I have booked the catalonia for the end of January. Woohoo…not long to go!

I was wondering if anyone knew the best room to ask for upon arrival? I now know to never ask for the main/ground floor due to creepy crawleys that do the limbo under the door. (haha)

Anyone stay in a particular bldg that really stood out as really great or terrible?

Any other advice for this particular resort?

thx muchly!

Building #18 was great when we were there in late October, we had 1823 a wonderful suite.

Watch for coral if you are swimming near the north end of the beach, stay south of the beach bar and there is no coral.

Pizza and chicken at the pool snack bar is absolutely super delicious.

Hlywud: Is building 18 in the Royal section or the “non-Royal” section. How do you know which buildings are “Royal”? We’re staying in the non-Royal section and want to know which buildings to ask for. Thanks!

We stayed in building #1 right along the beach (regular side). Very close to the beach bar. I emailed a few weeks ahead and requested it and got it. Very quiet and close to the main pool and beach restaurant.
Any more questions, feel free to ask…

thx alot for the update. We are going with friends (all of us 30 yrs old) so arent too worried about noise. I assume bldg 1 is the best bet to ask for. We always like overlooking the beach or the pool.
Anyone know the email offhand pls. Having a bit of trouble tracking it down as it goes to a standard email for the owners of Catalonia (I think?)
thx again for all the info

From our resort contact info section. Try:
Catalonia Bavaro Resort
It looks like that one goes to head office in Spain. If anyone has a better one, forward it to Debbie so she can update the contact info section.

That is the proper address for guest service, they acccess their mail from the head office server. I have used this one and it works,