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Catalonia review (posted within 24 hrs)

Just finished my review of the Catalonia in Punta Cana. It should be posted within 24 hrs.
Worth a read! Not a bad trip over all with a few minor probs!
Missing the beach already!

Hmm. I’d like to say thanks for your reply, but now I’m totally stressed because we are going to the Catalonia Feb 24 for 15 days, and if it is anywere near as bad as you describe it, I will be miserable.

My advice would be to take all reviews with a grain of salt…including mine, which is the one right under Jason/badboy’s. While our experiences may not have been totally great, I don’t think they were that bad overall. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which explains why there will be just as many reviews praising the Catalonia as there are pointing out its shortcomings. My advice would be to go and have the best time you can, regardless of what others might say. Form your own opinion and then let us know what you think when you get back.

hey…sorry…I didnt mean for it to sound like a bad review. I thought it was quite fair.
We really did have a great vacation with the only real problem being that particular room. The rooms still looked quite nice as did the rest of the resort. I would by no means say dont go there. There is plenty of space at all times around the pool (which is awesome by the way). The food was quite good…bit of a wait in mornings for breaky (but hey…its vacation).
There is also a small market down the beach where you can buy stuff…or hint hint…bring a couple of cervecas from your beer fridge for them and you are a rockstar.
Trust me…take a few of the minor issues with a grain of salt and you will have a blast…umm…just avoid room 1515 haha

We went to the Catalonia last year…it was awesome you will love it…I can’t wait to go back there again soon…looking for deal’s at redtag for it now!!

Thanks – I feel much better now. We leave the 24th, can’t wait to get out of here and get on the beach! Anything is better than working, right? And I’ll get to speak Spanish for 15 whole days – w00t!

Will avoid Room 1515. Maybe my Spanish skills will get us an extra-good room.

But, heck, we’ve spent more money than this to stay in cabins in Montana and Idaho that barely had running water, much less running HOT water. So, you’re right, it’s all what you make of it.


I was at the Cat at the end of October and had a wonderful time, friends just returned last friday and loved it.


Ok to be honest you should be setting realistic expectations. Especially after going to EdenH and Mexico.

The resort is rated #25 out of 96 resorts in Punta Cana. That’s not even in the top 10. It’s also a low cost resort… especially for 2 week stays.

I went to the #8 rated resort (at the time - last Sep.) and thought it was awful becuase of how bad the food was (GBP). Only every other 5th review mentioned how they did not like the food.

You’ll most likely see some facility problems and food that might not be up to par with your tastes. I am ‘harder to please’ when compared to most people on these forums.

Or, you may get a good room, love the food, and won’t get bitten by misquitos or bugs, not get anything stolen, and things will turn out fine… the beach will always make it fine.

Also, if you’re getting tired of the rum or other heavy sugary drinks, why not try something light in calories, cold, and refreshing: try champaign.

I never thought of that until I saw this British couple drinking it. Perfect idea. I wouldn’t drink it at home, but it really suits those hot nights really well and has a good alchohol content.

Basically, if you have cold drinks, a Bavaro beach, nice weather, don’t get anything stolen, don’t get food poisoning, and are not being eaten by bugs, then there’s not a lot of things that can make the trip go wrong for most people so I wouldn’t worry… cold water showers wont ruin your trip by any means…

Absolutely agree, mikedavid00! I have a bad habit of stressing out over vacations, but to be honest, I can’t remember ever having a really bad time – and I’ve traveled a LOT over the years. And my husband is even easier to please than I am, but that still doesn’t keep me from losing sleep before I get to my vacation location. It’s the MONEY. I know that – I always stress about spending money, whether it’s on vacation or buying a car or a house or whatever. I always have this “did I do the right thing?” going on in my head.

But just like you say – we will have a wonderful beach, catamarans, kayaks, palapas, and free food. What’s not to like? And btw – one reason we looked for a lower-cost resort this year was because we don’t drink (alcohol), and it’s hard to justify paying $400 or more per day just for fruit juice, soda, and buffet food.

So I’m sure we’ll have a blast once we get there. I’ll be sure to post a review after we return.

I was nervous after spending 3k at Majestic for my wife and I due to the economy and such. I got back 3 weeks ago and am glad I spent so little (considering the resort and room we got). I’m amazed how people feel they have spend +$7000 on going to 5 stars in Mexico for 1 week.

A friend of mine went to the Breezes in Mexico and spent that much. She said ‘we had a jacuzzi outside our room, one in the room, a little lawn area, a seating area outside our room, and 2 sun beds. There was also like 7 resturuants too’.

I was thinking to myself ‘we had the same thing, and a better beach for $3000 total’.

But I still know that obviously the food and off resort activities was better in Mexico, but I dont think $7k justifies it. I wouldn’t even go to the moon for 7k!

And if you don’t drink, I would also keep the prices as low as I could which you already did. We spend all our days on the beach and drink diet pepsi during the day and then maybe only 4 drinks or so at night. Any resort can fill that requirement. If I was less picky about food, then I would go to even lower price resorts.

But careful stuff doesn’t get stolen. I heard that can ruin anyones trip the whole way through regardless. I keep my stuff on me the whole time (passports, money, cameras). That sucks because my wife and I can’t go swimming together… someone has to watch the bags at our palapa.

Can’t wait to read your review.