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Catamaran Tours

We are going to be staying at Breezes PP with 2 14 year olds and and 8 year old. The girls have their hearts set on a catamaran snorkeling excursion. Which would be the best? (not an excessive party boat)


We have gone on the Freestyle catamaran 3 times. Yes, the crew does try to have fun, but most of that happens at the front of the boat. The TipTop one seemed to be fairly quiet that I could see, when we were moored near them in Sosua. There is another one, but I can’t think of its name, it has a large slide, that sends you shooting out into the water. Maybe someone else knows what it is called

Hi its called banana something or other and it can be booked through Martin at Isaira tours.

Make sure to take motion sickness pills or patches before getting on the catamaran. We went on the Tip Top last month, which is the biggest one (it holds 70 people), and 20 or more got off in Sosua because they were seasick. People throwing up all around us. Other than that it’s suitable for children. They just take you from Playa Dorado to Sosua to snorkel and lunch and then back to the departure site.

We took the Catamaran tour on Monday. We booked the medium size one through Banana Republic which held about 40 of us. Maria, from the company, was explaining that the biggest cat, which had a slide and trampoline, is now out of commission. It was definately more of party time than snorkeling. We stopped at two locations and were only able to snorkel for about 20 minutes each stop and always as a group. So, my recommendation would be for anyone that really wants to snorkel, this may not be the tour for them.

Thanks everyone for your input. This helps alot.

You might want to look into the Freestyle Catamarans. I also understand that they have live pans (steel drums) aboard. Likely the only pans on the whole island. :smiley:

Thanks, BFC. I was actually leaning towards the Freestyles. We have seen them on previous trips and they are beautiful.

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