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Cayo Coco - Blau Colonial?

Hello! I am going to Cuba in February for the 3rd time but the first time with my 16 month old son so I am expecting a new experience! My 6 and 4 year old niece and nephew are also coming. I’ve never been to Cayo Coco and the Blau and I have a few questions (we are going Feb. 13-20):

  1. This will be reading week for cdn universities. Are we going to be overrun with students? (not to knock them, I too went to Cuba on reading week, and they should have their fun). I was kind of thinking Cayo coco may not be their ideal destination…?

  2. How is the Blau for kids in general? I’ve heard some mixed opinions about that…are there other things to do in Cayo Coco for them?

  3. We’ve asked for adjoining rooms with my sister’s family. How likely is this going to happen?

  4. we’ve asked for a crib, but am thinking of bringing the playpen just in case. Any advice?

Any other advice/opinion on the Blau is greatly appreciated.


We were at this resort a couple of years ago around the same time of year as you are going. The students were mostly at the NHKrystal. There were a few at the Blau, one of them we just called “drunk guy”, 'cause that’s what he was… all the time. :smiley:

Students were bored at this resort, it’s on the quiet side and small. They would spend the day further down the beach where the other students were, not sure where they went at night, we went to the disco and it was pretty much dead every night.

We didn’t see many children around when we were there, though there was one young couple who kind of hung around where we sat and they had a toddler and seemed to be enjoying themselves. My kids would not be bored there… but all they need is a pool or a beach and they are happy as clams. If your kids need more than that, you might struggle keeping them entertained at this resort.

Don’t let the kids wander the grounds between the buildings and the beach. Coconuts and large limbs falling were a regular occurence, as well as holes in the ground (just big enough to accept a toddlers leg) dug by some rodent likely.

Food may be an issue, we lived pretty much on omelets, pasta and bread for the week we were there.

Hope I didn’t discourage you. Despite all of its faults, we had a great time there. The grounds are very pretty, staff are great, rooms are clean, pool was chlorinated, beach is a wonderful walk. Lower your expectations, create your own entertainment and you’ll be fine.

Very helpfull, thanks scovanotian. We do plan to spend most of our time entertaining ourselves on the beach so that is fine. I’m glad to hear its not a party hotel (I can’t believe I just wrote that, how times have changed!) as we are looking for something a bit quieter. We weren’t able to book a different week off due to conflicts with everyone’s schedules.