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Cayo coco or Santa Maria

Hi there,
Planning a trip the end of July but receiving mix reviews on what area is nicer…cayo coco or Santa Maria. Looking for suggestions as well as resort ideas if you have recently stayed.


Well Sue I can try and help. As I’ve not been to Cayo Coco yet(July 26) its far closer to the airport. Cayo Santa Maria is a excursion in itself at 90 min drive to the resorts, whereas Cayo Coco is 10-20 mins. They are both isoltated but CSM is moreso. Beachs are similar with the exception of Pilar Beach.Not sure what you like doing on vacation. We are beach people and prefer Adults only resorts thats why we chose MCC.


Hey Sue, have never been to any resorts in Cayo Coco per se, only a few on Cayo Guillermo (also close to airport) and Cayo Santa Maria.

The ones I can recommend are:
CG= the Melia, the Iberostar Daiquiri
CSTM= the HUSA (huge resort) and the Melia (in that order, definitely preferred the HUSA).

As was mentioned, if you are looking for tons of activities and excursions, perhaps CC is better.
I have to say that the beaches on CSTM are to die for! :slight_smile: and personally (depending on the flight times), I do not mind the 90-min run from airport to the resort; you get to see alot of country, go through 2-3 towns, so very interesting, especially for first-timers.

You can check our reviews of these hôtels in the Review section, to get a better idea. Buen viaje! :sunglasses:

Thanks for your input!

Sue, the Husa is closed - it’s under new ownership. Doesn’t reopen until the beginning of November, under the name of Gaviota La Estrella. Not sure who will be selling packages to that resort other than Nolitours.

csm is great if you only stay on the resort but if you like to do tours it’s 90 mins each way on causeway.
santa clara is interesting and has a good cigar store. remedios has a beautiful church.

Been to both and both have very nice beaches, as others have said, Cayo Coco airport is on the island and the airport for CSM is an hour and a half away. So if you don’t like long bus rides Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are the places to go. The bus rides for me never bothered me much. It was always a great time to meet people that you would run into the rest of the week.
Iberostar Ensanachos is the place that we liked the most out of all three places. Top notch resort and the finest beaches

I am heading to Santa Maria next summer for a wedding. I thought the beaches in Cayo Coco were some of the nicest and I have been there a couple of times. Also like how short the bus ride is.

I have booked the Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria. Resort looks amazing, great reviews and people seem to speak highly of the area.

Both areas are a little secluded, so will be interesting to compare for myself, and always interested in hearing feedback and experiences in the meantime untill I can decide for myself based on my own experience.

I’ve been to both the Melia Cayo Coco (once) and the Melia Cayo Santa Maria (4 times) and they are both great resorts. The bus ride would be the deciding factor for me if booking CSM. In other words, I’ll pick CSM if my flight is at the end of the day as opposed to one of those dreadful early morning flights. And here’s why: if you leave Canada late day, that means your return flight is an evening flight giving you 7 full days of holiday. If you leave early morning, say 6:00, add 3 1/2 hours flight time, another approx. 1 hour at CSM airport and a 90-minute drive, you’re getting to the resort at noon (earliest) and the chances of your room being ready are close to nil which means you waste a lot of your first day in transit/waiting. Plus given the hour and a half bus ride back on day 7, this means you’re leaving the resort 4 hours before your flight. If your flight is at 2:00, the bus is picking you up at 9:00 and your last day is toast.