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Cayo Coco - Which hotel

Hello all…planning a trip to Cayo Coco after march break and I’m really confused about which hotel to choose. Right now the choices are: Oasis Playa Coca, Blau Colonial and NH Krystal Laguna (we’re a family of 4 on a budget and many hotels will not take more than 3). Have any of you been to any of these resorts recently? I’ve checked the resort reviews but I find some people just complain about the strangest things and i’m not sure what to believe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We just returned from Oasis Playa Coco and had a great time. The hotel had few faults worth mentioning, the main one (not that it was overly important travelling with little kids) was the limited quality of entertainment.

How old are your kids? What do you like to do on vacation? What parts/aspects of a resort are important to you?

That would help steer you to the right hotel.

I love the design of the NH Krystal - with villas built in the lagoon, and walkways on pontoons across it.

NH are just changing some of their senior staff, so those who went in the last few weeks may have suffered slightly from the changeover.

Thanks for the responses. We’re actually now two families (children aged 10, 9, 4 and 2). We’re not looking for adventure…a little r&r for the adults and some fun times for the kids. Looking for a nice beach, good food, some activities, good pools…all three hotels look good on paper but some of the reviews have me worried!!! Plus, I just had a travel agent tell me NOT to book at NH Krystal…he said many of his customers came back unhappy!!! If anyone has been to either of these three resorts (or any other resorts in this area that can accomodate 4 in a room and aren’t too expensive), please let me know. Much appreciated!!!

a nice resort and is good for kids is the Iberostar Daiquiri it is on a small island of cayo coco you still land at cayo coco airport and them take a bus to cayo Guillermo about 30 min drive, they have a very good kids program any questions just ask

We are a family of 4 (kids are 9 and 11) and were at the Tryp Cayo Coco in early December and we had a great time. We shared the plane with people from the NH Crystal and they weren’t very happy.

We almost chose the NH but we decided to go with the Tryp, mostly because the rooms are closer to the beach. And the beach is great.

The food was good and we went with the VIP package that gave us a different a la carte every night. We also got a 5pm checkout with that package which was great because our plane left at 9pm.

Great crepes and fresh fruit at breakfast and the pizza shack on the beach was perfect for lunch. We didn’t have to get dressed or walk through the resort - we just grabbed our towels, strolled down the beach, ordered pizza and sat outside and enjoyed.

The beach bar and grill between the pool and the beach was almost finished the renovations - it was destroyed in the hurricane. I think they have burgers and fries there.

There are flamingoes on the resort and they will eat bread and bananas from your hand. Our kids loved that. And at night, cows will wander through the resort and you will see evidence of this in the morning.

Right out front of the resort is horseback riding. It was my girls first time on a horse and they had a great time. We also did a day trip to Playa Pilar and went to the little island off the beach (Media Luna) to snorkel.

The Tryp was also renovating the rooms and if you decide to go, make sure you ask for one of them. The old rooms are pretty tired.

Sure there could be lots to complain about if you are that type of person but we go to enjoy the beach, the weather and the great people.

Based on this you should be very happy at the Oasis Playa Coco. The food was probably the best we have had in Cuba at the buffet. No real need to reserve ala carts, as the timing may now work with the younger kids. The kids club was good and we had no problem leaving our 4 and 2 year old there for a couple of hours at a time. Not saying you will want to leave the kids there everyday, all day, but it was a nice option to have so you can have some down time without constantly being mindful of what the kiddies are doing and into.

The mini disco show at 8:30 was also great for kids of all ages.

The pool was great for all the ages you mention. There was a separate kids pool that was very shallow, but the main pool was very good as it had gradual (0) entry into the water on two sides, plus a ‘platform’ in the middle of the deeper pool for the older kids to jump from.

The beach was also wonderful. Deep and long to spread out on. Nice and shallow entry for kids. The snack bar/beach bar was also convenient.
I have not been to the othe two hotels so I don’t know how they compare, but you should be safe with OPC.

we stayed at the iberostar daiquiri and oasis playa coco and like both resorts .I find alot of bad reviews start with a late plane or something it just puts some people in a negative place and the never regroup and relax they have to remember the white stuff isnt snow and instead of minus 20 something its plus 20 or 30 so whatever one u pic dont go thinking ur not gonna see some problems cause the resorts are well used . we found a little less walking at the iberostar and they had a great kids club as for oasis we went in oct and i didnt see any kids around .

The beach at the NH Krystal is generally great - as it is the corner by a headland, the sand can build up.

mazz - which travel agent was that ?

I hear that NH have brought over a dozen people from Mexico (where their main resort business is based) to try to sort out issues.

Just be aware that the NH Crystal has a long walk to the beach(only stayed here when it was the El Senador) & saw very few children around.It was more a resort for older folk back then (only 3 other young couples in 40’s) . I would say check somewhere else with kid’s club.I have 2 kids 8 & 10 and I would not take them here.My opinion only.Also Cayo Coco area is very isolated…it’s a 1-2 hour drive to get to the small town of Moron…across a very long causeway.I took the tour to Moron & although interesting,not much for children.

If you have decided on the cayo’s, I would short list Tryp Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Guillermo. Although we haven’t stayed at all the resorts on the cayo’s we have toured all but the new Blue Bay Cayo Coco.

The NH has a special kids section - don’t know what it’s like though. My kid is happy if he has a pool to splash around in all day.

It’s about 45 minutes to Morón by car - don’t know about coaches. I would have thought that kids would like the viist to the crocodile farm, the train ride at Patria and the boat ride through the mangrove swamp.