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Cayo Guillermo

I have only been to Holguin in Cuba and really enjoyed it. Can anyone tell me about Cayo Guillermo…if they enjoyed it there, where they stayed…beaches, day trips available if any, etc…or would it be better to visit Varedero first. Any info appreciated

if you like a nice quiet vacation this is the area for you its about 1 to 1.5 hours to the closes town, it is a island off of cayo coco with 4 resorts and a bowling ally i go to the Iberostar Daiquiri every year and it a great resort, there are plenty of day trips offered and i have done many and they were great any more questions just ask

So what can I say … fabulous place great beaches … we like Melia Cayo Guillermo

I second the Melia Cayo Guillermo. Great atmosphere, wonderful resort with lots of mature vegatation.

Combared to Holguin, this area is a lot more relaxed and layed back as all there is on the island are the hotels and some small nature/animal related field trips.

The MCG has fantastic entertainment, especially the evening shows.

If you like to do a lot off the resort it may not be the best spot in Cuba for you as it is islolated and an hour and a half trip to get to the mainland. But if you want to relax on the resort and maybe do one field trip, then this place is great.

Canucks, I love those pictures. Especially the first one. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to experience exactly that kind of beach while there. It seems like something you could only possibly see in the brochure.

Absotlutely beautiful photos…Thanks for posting and sharing info!!! It certainly is somewhere I’d like to be now!!!
Do you fly into Cayo Coco?? How far to Cayo Guillermo from the airport then???

Yes, you fly into Cayo Coco. There are about 7 resorts on Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo is connected to Cayo Coco by a bridge. To get to Cayo Guillermo resorts you are about a 30 minute bus ride away. Now if you have a bus that drops people off at other resorts first this may take longer.

The airport in Cayo Coco is nice and clean. The money exchange is in the departure lounge, so when you arrive you have to go to the left and enter the departure lounge (once you exit with your luggage or one can get luggage and the other can go change money, but keep in mind you cannot re-enter arrivals once you get outside) Or you can change money at your resort. I think all have an official exchage booth so the rate should be about the same.

On departure there are a couple of duty free shops, including cigars and booze.

If you want R&R, then this is a great place.

The 1st picture was taken at low tide looking toward Sol at about the dive path at Melia

the 2nd picture was just by the volley ball net at about mid tide looking toward Iberostar

the last 2 while we were parasaling the 1st you see Iberostar & Cojimar and the bridge that leads to Cayo Coco the 2nd looking away from Cayo Coco and you can see Sol with the red roof tops. What would be between these two shots would be Melia with blue roof tops as seen below

i always have 15 or 20 CUC left from the last trip enough to get some beer at the airport for the bus ride then i can get more at the resort

Canuks whats that in the last pic the group of 4 above the sol along the road also is pilar beach in that last pic funny all the times i have been there and never gone to pilar beach

Canucks you are making me teary eyed with those pictures.

While on our trip to Cayo Coco last week we went in to MCG to say hi and boy did I miss not being there.

I have been to Iberostar 3 times and never went to Pillar either …maybe in March :slight_smile: GOOD question , what is that on the road behind the Sol??

The building on the road above the Sol is the power plant for the island. If one walks along the road you will notice the infrastructure as well as what appears to be accommodations.

The last pic of the 1st 4 shows the road to Pilar and Luna Island

These arial pictures were take last year. I mention that as the winter storms realy shifted the sand around and I would love to see the areal differences this year (post storms) but there was no para sailing this year when we were there

SUNNY1234, for your information, the exchange office at the Melia is not IN the hotel but rather next to the entrance. If you’re inside the lobby and walk out front, the office is directly off to your left off the entrance. Tiny office, usually open 9 to 9.

Have a great trip! We were there in 2007 and have great memories, will most certainly return! 8-). It’s a wonderful place to chill and get much needed West and Wewaxation! :stuck_out_tongue:

Should you come across our charming and nurturing buffet waitress, Marile Cruz, please say hi from Clara from Québec (she may not remember me, although I have sent her gifts from time to time since our trip)–I sure remember her! ;D

Thanks for all the input…just 2 more quick questions. Does anyone reccemend any particular building at the MCG and does anyone have their email address?//
Thanks in advance.

We have stayed at several locations over our trips and have been on all 3 different floors. They all are nice for different reasons. There is a max of 3 stories with the building above the lobby being a bit higher that the others.

So relax they all are nice. The upper floors have a bit of a vaulted ceiling. The upper floors have balconies and the 1st floors a patio. There are some rooms that have gone through a renovation - but I actually like the decor of the older rooms.

Meliá Cayo Guillermo - Hotel in Ciego de Ávila
Cayo Guillermo - Jardines del Rey - Morón Ciego de Ávila CUBA

Tel: (53) 33 301680 - Fax: (53) 33 301685
E-mail: melia.cayo.guillermo@solmelia.com

Ditto what Canuks said!

Just notice that Transat is the only one offering MCG out of Toronto. Any idea why? Also, has anyone booked just the hotel and how much it would be? Maybe I can fly on points and get the hotel directly?

It has been that way for all the years we have been going there. I guess they signed an “exclusive” agreement

I did notice that their were alot of other countries there, brits, mexico, venezuala amoung others.

Is this the case during other times of the year?

I made for very interesting conversation.