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Cayo Largo, price question

Just looking at Cay Largo and it’s quite expensive out of HFX until you get to April and the price goes to half or nearly half price. But if you are flying out og Toronto the price almost doubles come April. What’s up with that?

We too have been following the prices for Cayo Largo. It apears as though Air Canada is the only provider out of Toronto this year whereas the past couple of years we have had a choice of two or three carriers. The price has held steady since November with no drop for April departures. AnneM made mention that the price will drop the last two weeks of April. Not!! April 18th is the last departure date for this year out of Toronto.
We ended up booking Jamaica for this spring just this past week. Going to miss CL but I was not willing to pay the asking price. Hopefully by next year the pricing will be more in line.

[quote=@zuley] It apears as though Air Canada is the only provider out of Toronto this year whereas the past couple of years we have had a choice of two or three carriers.[/quote]Just got back from Cayo Largo and I travelled with Nolitours/Skyservice. I won’t go with Air Canada as they route you through Montreal…sitting in Montreal airport (and paying for the privilege!) is not my idea of vacation time. Prices…well, I payed $926, taxes in, as a single, and it’s available for $20 less than that leaving on the 30th…

We are booked out of Toronto, for departure Feb 20 for one week with Nolitours.
777.00 plus 199.00 taxes.
Air Canada going out the very next day was double that…
( Sol Pelicano by the way)
Karen and Marty

:slight_smile: When we booked our trip to CL last October, Montreal was the only gateway available to us to CL. We usually go through COTU. We got a great price (just a little lower than Karen & Marty’s price) and just had to book it! :wink:

I checked a trip to CL from Halifax April 11 (I think) and all that was available was a 2 week trip via AC. ::slight_smile: “No thanks” to AC. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are going with Nolitours. :-*

[quote=@eeeefarm]…and it’s available for $20 less than that leaving on the 30th…[/quote]Just checked and the price is up $180 since I saw that…no great last minute deals this winter, I’m afraid!

We booked through Nolitours again this year out of Toronto and the price was the cheapest we have ever paid. This is our fourth trip to CL, all at the Sol Club. Granted, we are going two weeks earlier than we usually go which likely impacts the price. Also, its Skyservice this year instead of Westjet…that too may influence the cost. We each paid $897. plus tax. Would not book with Air Canada for the same reason eeeefarm states. Do not want to spend the night in MTL on the way home.

Either way its 5 sleeps and counting… :smiley:

Let us know how you make out with Skyservice. It has been a while since we have been with them.
Enjoy the Sol Club… we were there in 2005, but opted for the Pelicano this time…

I just booked yesterday Toronto to Cayo Largo with Nolitours/Skyservice Feb 6-13.

697 +tax came to under $1800 for two. I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Ok, now I am confused. I have been following the Sol Club pricing since well before Christmas. Bel Air and Sell-Off only listed one carrier, out of Toronto, that being AC. Pricing was going to be almost $3500 (2) for one week departing April 11th which initially was the last week out of Toronto. At or around Xmas an April 18th departure was added with pricing the same as the previous week. I also looked at March departures only to find the same carrier and not much better pricing listed. The last two years we have paid somewhere around $2000 all in for first week of April traveling with Transat.
I’m reading posts this morning of others talking about Transat, Norli, and Cubana departures for a bucket full of coin less than what B/A with Air Canada was advertising. What gives? Obviously not leaving out of Toronto.
The Bel Air sight is down this morning. I’m going to be real p-o’d if I find other carriers have been added since we booked Jamaica instead. :slight_smile:
Hoping to do 2 weeks next spring (2010) at the SC and will fly out of AnneM’s center of the universe (Montreal) if we have to.

As I write this…March 20th, Nolitours out of Toronto…Barcelo Cayo Largo $867 + $199 tax, Pelicano $887 + tax & Sol $1117 + tax. That’s the latest date I am seeing for Nolitours at the moment…February 20 Barcelo $727 + tax, Pelicano $787 & Sol $957.