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Cayo Levantado - Nightlife at all?

Hi Everyone, The GBP Cayo Levandato sounds fanstastic! I’m especially drawn to the fact that is basically the whole island, is quite small and in an area we’ve never been to.

I have a few questions about getting to the mainland and/or nightlife.
Many reviews mention how quiet this resort is at night. We’re quiet people but we do like to stay up late and have a few drinks and meet a few people and usually we like to go out on to the disco or out on the town at least once during our vacation.
I see no mention of a disco so assume there isn’t one. However, one reviewer said they partied at the public beach bar every night and there was music there. Was that due to it being a wedding or is it always more lively at the public beach bar?

What time do the resort bars close at the resort? Is the most happening scene - the lobby bar?

Are there any mainland alternatives for a club night or a more lively time in the evening and a way to get to the mainland and back in the evenings?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


Providing the Weather is ok, they hold most of the Nightlife at the Public Beach, I personally cannot comment, as we never went, Bars close around 11pm, but I would imagine if people are still using the bar, they will stay open, and as for mainland evenings, again I cant comment, as we never left Paradise Island!!