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Cayo Levantado

Has anyone been to this private island? How was it? What are some of the “things to do”

Out of our ten trips to the DR this was our favourite resort. Sending a link to our photos and review, it’s from Aug 2009 but much hasn’t changed.http://www.worldisround.com/articles/355244/index.html For things to do, I’m enclosing a link to a very well liked tour company. lots of people on TA have really good things to say about his service. http://www.toursamanawithterry.com/ For lots of reviews try Trip Advisor as this site is very quiet concerning Samana. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g147294-d150844-Reviews-Gran_Bahia_Principe_Cayo_Levantado-Samana_Peninsula_Dominican_Republic.html For more things to do here’s a link. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g147294-Activities-Samana_Peninsula_Dominican_Republic.html Just remember that for tours on the mainland you’ll need to take the ferry back from the resort and be brought back after. I believe the ferry goes every hour. I f you miss it just site in the reception area in air conditioning on the main land having drinks. It really was our best resort. Hope this helps.

Heading to Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado in July 2013 for 2 weeks. Here is pertinent info re this site that I gleaned from other travellers. 5 Star all the way.

  • it is an adult only resort now. No children. Apparently adults bored the heck out of them anyways so its a good thing.

  • Bring water shoes, possible sea urchins in the swimming area.

  • Bring insulated thermos mug for drinks. (I usually do wherever we go. Clean and sign them and give them to locals when done!)

  • Bring your own pillows unless you like flat hard pillow provided at resort. Some say the pillows offered are just fine and no worries. Up to you to decide.

  • Bug spray. Some say yes, others say no.

  • American Dollars. For tips. No need to bring DR $. Used for maids, bartenders etc. Generally a dollar will do it and not required at all. Your choice to tip or not to tip.

  • Flashlight. Bring a few as rooms are dark at night and pathways from public beach parties is also dark. Icky snails to step on for the women. Crunchy meals for the guys! :wink:

  • A small first aid kit. Band-aids, sun burn cream, etc. Normal stuff. They do have a medical facility on site staffed 24/7?

  • Voltage is US/CAN 120V. 2 pronged outlets. will need adapter if arriving from Europe or overseas.

  • spare batteries.

  • hangers. They have 8-10 hangers in each room. Take more if needed.

  • Bar of soap. Take your own if you don’t like hotel style soaps. Otherwise rooms are well stocked with all toiletries.

  • email resort ahead of time with room wish. Check previous threads for ideas and thoughts.

  • Food is great. Book al a cartes ahead of time if you wish to eat in those environments. NO complaints from anyone re where to eat, and varying ideas on which al a carte was best. That means all are good in my books. Many suggested to eat outside. Sounds good to me.

  • Both beaches are great. Depends whether you want wavy with a bit more wind or calm and shallow. Pools by all accounts have ample sitting space and beds as do the beaches. I suggest a rotation of sites day by day or hour by hour LOL.

  • Bar closes at 11pm. Public Beach becomes evening entertainment district at that time with disco parties etc. Apparently bathrooms are a walk from that point so ensure bladders are duly drained before going or be very sneaky in the bushes? Watch for spiders?

  • Some power outages. It is an island so crap happens. Bear with it doesn’t happen often.

  • There is toilet paper in the rooms. No need to use your left hand! :slight_smile:

  • There is a boat that goes to the mainland “hourly”. You can hop on and go as you wish however the last boat comes back at 10PM I think. Also, the dock on the mainland is not close to Samana so its best to book a taxi to the village at the resort before you leave.

  • Book your tours on the island, Heard many positive comments inc Horse ride to the falls as #1 and perhaps Parque Nacional Park as #2 and Zip Line #3 on hit lists.

  • Public beach charges you $1 to use the loungers and $3-5 for drinks. Wait until after 6pm when it reverts to hotel property and drinks are free.

  • Had one comment whereby if women went to public beach on their own they tend to get swarmed by locals trying to get you to buy things. (like your famous and they are paparazzi). Can be overwhelming unless you are rich or very strong. Take a man with you…unless he is weak, then don’t go. :slight_smile:

  • If you are buying from locals do NOT pay full asking price. they do bring wares into resort a few times a week and prices are typical to public beach. Barter.

  • Very quiet in the resort…unless you are unlucky and get caught in mega wedding parties with rude people. Nothing the resort can do about that!

  • Time Shares. Say no thanks, be firm and that’s it…unless you want to sit in for an hour and get a free gift. (Hat, bag, etc)

  • learn some Spanish. Anything will do but “gracias por favor” is always best!

  • au Naturel. Not really. Some women go topless but that’s about it. Not 100% sure if the men go topless as well and personally dont care!

  • Free boat ride around the island. Kind of like a large merry go round I assume. Its free and I think on Thursdays only. Book in advance and take your camera.

  • Country Entry/Exit fees? Im still confused on this. Did get one who said it was $10/person entry fee, $20.per person exit. Others said no charge. Id take money just in case they dont like what your wearing and want to charge you.

  • Snorkeling is good, but not awesome. Bring your gear or get from site. Dont feed the fish bread crumbs! It kills them!

  • Mini fridge is restocked daily. TIP. When you leave your room the power goes off including the fridge as you pull your room key from the lighting/power slot at entrance. Order ice from room service in morning and leave anything that needs to stay cool in that for the day. Or drink it warm like the Irish do…your choice.

  • Kayaks, Catamarans at private beach are free for use for one hour periods. If you capsize in the ocean do NOT feed sharks bread crumbs…PLEASE.

  • Lastly have fun and dont be a Type A like me…or you’ll end up with crazy lists like this one.

  • I emailed directorresidentebpcle@bahia-principe.com for romm choice and got a response from them within 24 hours. Some say it can take 48 for response.

Always was adult only,

put a card with a magnetic strip in the power slot and the power will stay on. We use a Staples reward card.

Darling wife and myself returning in a couple of weeks for our third visit. Highly recommend this resort but people should know that this is not a party place but if you wish to relax and have a good time this is the place for you.

We will be going Westjet this year and we are looking forward to meeting new people as usual and having a great holiday.

As Wud says this resort has gone Adult Only lately but I believe that the resort is honouring reservations with children until there are no more but has never been an issue with us.

We are thinking of doing the Zip line tour with Terry of Samana this trip but will research that next week. If anyone has a nay or yeah let me know please. ::slight_smile:

Travel safe this summer and wherever they take you enjoy.

Steve :slight_smile:

[quote=@hlywud]Always was adult only,

put a card with a magnetic strip in the power slot and the power will stay on. We use a Staples reward card.[/quote]Um…no it wasnt…it changed to AO summer of 2013.
oh and…no other cards with mag strips do not work.

Great place though